Rudy Giuliani and Rick Warren to speak at private vigil for county employees

SBCo. Board of Supervisors

The County of San Bernardino is holding a private vigil for its employees in the wake of the San Bernardino Massacre that took 14 lives and wounded 22 others, mostly county employees attending a Christmas function earlier this month.  Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren will speak at the event.

The event is taking place on Monday, Jan. 4, in the west end of the county and is for county employees, families of those killed, invited first responders from other agencies, and about 35 guests.  Employees must show county identification to be admitted.

Employees took to social media today after learning that the county invited more than 20 news media organizations to the event.  Employees are concerned that once again a media circus will take place where they will be put on display when all they want is a chance to support each other in a private event for the county family.

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11 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani and Rick Warren to speak at private vigil for county employees

  1. This is an obvious ploy by County administration to give politicians and other bigwigs the opportunity to appear compassionate in front of the media. From friends in the know, most employees are appalled at the superficial attempt to look good in front of the nation. I wish the affected employees well and Godspeed in their recoveries. And to the politicians who concocted this PR event, a short pier for a long walk.

  2. Why would they invite the media at all? Let these people grieve in peace and stop putting them on stage for the world to gawk at. They have endured enough and we should be supporting them………It really needs to stop!

    • And isn’t that that the problem in a nutshell, they become leaders and they don’t think like the rest of us. Or they never did and their callous hearts are what made them claw their way to leadership… Either way, yeah, they have no problem exploiting pain for gain. Disgusting.

      • Well, and also they feel they are expected to do something. But they are public figures and it is against their insticts to do anything good privately.

    • I watched the whole thing too. I don’t think he’s a nut but I so think ave is catching up with his mental capacity. He was a bit scattered at times for sure.

  3. Yet no one asks the affected how they are. They still struggle with how to pay for time off. The still struggle with not knowing what happened to their friends that died (it took up to 24 hours before some family members heard from the coroner). They wonder what their workload will be now that so many are still injured or gone. Yet the 5th floor marches on, ready for all those affected to get back to work and brush it off. Wow, wouldn’t you like to be in their shoes?

  4. @Unwilling. The EHS employees are off on paid leave with fully paid benefits. Are you referring to someone outside the department ?

    • Where did you hear that? They were required to be back on the 4rd. Hell the first two weeks “off” was spent going to the 13 funerals, and local hospitals to see how the wounded were. Some employees don’t have leave time as they are too new so they have to come back or file WK and get 2/3 salary. Sandy hook staff had significant leave time; group counseling; modified work schedules or telecommuting. Anything to help the injured recover. Not SBC, home of the deny, deny, deny all claims risk management department.

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