Rumors of retaliation by SBCo. bolstered by today’s court case against Fox 11

SBCo. Board of Supervisors

Rumors were rampant late last week that San Bernardino County officials have discovered the identities of several of the whistleblowers in the child death scandal involving its Department of Children and Family Services.  According to the scuttlebutt, county officials are seeking the assistance of San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos in the form of warrants to be served on the whistleblowers.

Today, attorneys for Fox 11 Los Angeles were in a San Bernardino juvenile dependency court defending the news outlet’s investigative report into what whistleblowers say were preventable deaths of children.  The judge did not rule against Fox 11 but continued the matter, citing possible lack of jurisdiction and lack of adequate proof.

Although this action was initiated by the Children’s Advocacy Group, Inc., the attorneys for the foster children, the general belief is that county officials are ultimately behind the harassment.  Children’s Advocacy Group, Inc. is one of the county’s partners.

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