Lawyers for foster children attempt to halt child abuse series by Fox 11

Juvenile Dependency Court

Children’s Advocacy Group, Inc., the attorneys who represent foster youth in the county of San Bernardino, went to court this morning to ask a juvenile court judge for a cease and desist order against Fox 11 Los Angeles.  At issue is the news agency’s ongoing investigative report into child abuse and child deaths in San Bernardino County.

Children’s Advocacy Group, Inc., claims the reports are putting the dead children’s siblings at risk.  The group also asked for all documents and photos to be returned to the San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services (CFS).  The photos that Fox News aired were graphic and especially damning.

The judge declined to issue the order, questioning whether the court had jurisdiction to issue such an order.   By filing the motion in juvenile court rather than a regular superior court, Children’s Advocacy Group, Inc., effectively blocked most media from access to their filings as those matters are confidential.  Like the county, they appear to be trying to keep this matter under wraps.

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One thought on “Lawyers for foster children attempt to halt child abuse series by Fox 11

  1. It is of no surprise that SB county officials who ought to protect children are principals to crimes against children, even principals to murder. Who was that moron criminal in Victorville court who became a principal to first degree murder when he gave a child to its father over credible and valid objections of the child’s mother and, as predicted, the father murdered the child? That judge was a moron. The judge’s only problem is his being a moron is not a defense to first degree murder. I’m sure he’s back hustling in family law like the rest of inept lawyers do. Were SB sheriff not so damned inept, it would have arrested that moron and booked him as principal to first degree murder. But then again, SB sheriff’s deputies have aided and abetted child abuse, which made them principals to child abuse, which made them child abusers. Their being stupid as well is not a defense to child abuse. Deputies have covered up their culpability in child abuse by becoming accessories to child abuse. She knows who she is. Hopefully she has been fired for gross incompetence and principal to felony child abuse. She’s was the personification of a dirt bag in a deputy’s uniform.

    The core issue is systemic lack of honor and character among deputies and within the DA’s office. The only law school Ramos could get into was one that ain’t even on ABA’s radar. It’s where future pettifoggers go when they can’t get into even ABA’s lowest tier law schools. In short, but for SB county, Ramos would be picking fly poop outta pepper in Padooka. While a sub-par barrister leading the way, the logical outcome is just what the county is getting: the grossly inferior.

    The DA’s office should be vigorously pursuing investigations of crimes against the most vulnerable among us. They should protect their sources. If the sheriff and DA’s office is not protecting children and witness of felony child abuse and murder of children, a logical inference is that they’re exposed to culpability, meaning that they’re dirty.

    One would have to be awfully naive to believe that the DA’s office, judges, and deputies would not lie, cheat, and steal in order to insulate themselves from criminal prosecution for crimes against children. Judges in SB county will lie, cheat, and steal to protect themselves. Nearly every judge in the county was Peter Principled in high school. Somehow too many have weaseled themselves into pay grades far above their abilities. Most were marginal lawyers, which is why they became judges.

    My advice is to remove jurisdiction from SB county officials. Go to CA’s AG’s office. If political corruption in the form of crime is involved, get the FBI involved. If it remains within jurisdiction of the sheriff & DA and their employees are culpable, expect them to cover for each other.

    BTW, I do not blame McMahon. It isn’t his fault that he’s forced to work with very poor material.

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