Is it just me?

Apartment Dedication

I’ve been paying a bit more attention to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors lately.  I had not watched any board meetings for a while and was not aware of the new policies.  As I watched recently, I noted that Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux is kind of a bully at times during the meetings.  It is like he is running the show. Well, I guess he is as the supervisors have abdicated their responsibility and power.

Now, this is not exactly news to those of us who follow such things.  We’ve been saying it for over five years now.  But it seems like more and more residents are starting to pick up on it as well.

Devereaux shows up to all kinds of events these days, sometimes even behind a supervisor’s back, such as an event in Wrightwood.  But he is also out in front at other events as well.

For example, Supervisor James Ramos posted some photos of the dedication of the new luxury apartment complex in Redlands.  I realize it is a big deal that the county finally got something done.  But it is the supervisors’ job to kiss babies, shake hands, and cut ribbons, not the CEO’s.  Yet, there Devereaux is in the midst of it all.

I’m not saying the CEO should not attend major events.  I am saying it is not his job to be politicking and hobnobbing at such events.  Sit in the corner where you belong!

Anyway, this photo just rubbed me the wrong way.  Our CEO really does run this county and our supervisors are nothing but figureheads that do whatever he tells them to do.

2 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. Greg is the king. I should of known better. I wrote a letter to my sup, Ramos, never got at least a form letter. Maybe I should have sent it to Greg.

  2. Surprised Lovingood isn’t the one trying to be the Alpha male. I use to work for him and could tell you stories….that is, if he didn’t have me sign a confidentiality waiver before starting for him I would.

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