Hmm . . . so our BOS supports drug festivals?


Apparently, that is the case.  We all know about the raves they have supported for the past two years at San Manuel Amphitheater, where so far, two people have died from the drugs they used while at the festival.  But today I read an interesting article in the Press Enterprise.  What caught my eye was at the end of the article where it read:

Reese said SGE is working on bringing back a number of the events to San Manuel in the future, including Knotfest, Taste of Chaos, the country and rock fest Lost Highway and music and marijuana culture event Blaze ‘N’ Glory, the latter two which made their debuts in May. [Emphasis added.]

Now, anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that although I am anti-drug abuse, I am pro-Marijuana to the extent of medical use. I have never used an illegal drug in my life; I have had exactly five alcoholic drinks in my entire life; and I have never smoked even a cigarette.

But when it comes to Marijuana, my logic is that it is a naturally occurring substance with at least some medicinal properties.  I happen to believe that what God put on this earth is better for us than what man creates in a test tube.  Heaven knows how much prescription drug abuse there is and how many deaths it has led to while marijuana is far less harmful.

Many of my readers know that I have had horrendous results with prescribed medications.  I have never tried medical cannabis and doubt I ever will.  However, if one of my conditions gets worse, I may do just that as cannabis is supposed to be very good for treating the symptoms.  I certainly know traditional medicine does not help so I just live with the pain.

All of that being said, there is a difference in using cannabis as a medicine versus a substance to get high.  The festival in question had little to do with medication.  To quote one of the acts that performed, “It’s basically Christmas with better weather and weed.”  Or another who said, “Stoopid is stoked to be playing the inaugural Blaze ’N’ Glory festival!  Looking forward to the smoke stacks and the good vibes!”

For anyone who does not know, a “smoke stack” is defined in the Urban Dictionary as “The measurement of a bongs full capacity reaching the top of the neck but does not include smoke inhaled. Usually used in the context of bong that needs to be cleared or when newbies need others to milk it for them.”

These are quotes from the bands playing at the festival.  Anyone really believe this was all about medical cannabis?  I suppose our five board members will try to claim they believe it.  Somewhere along the line they had to approve a contract that allowed this type of festival.  This is just one more example of Devereaux leading the BOS around by the nose to do things that I don’t believe for one moment any one of them would approve of on their own.  But the five #milkduds are too weak to do anything else.

So, just how seriously do you think anyone will take the #milkduds when they start preaching their anti-drug rhetoric?  And exactly how hypocritical is it that they don’t want to allow medical dispensaries in the county but are willing to support a 420 festival?

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  1. Yeah when is the last time you ever saw the great Excedrin Pop Off event or Niquil Nights? The BOS’s are idiota that allow harmful events like these to take place.

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