Has the retaliation begun?

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It is sounding more and more like the county is not going to stop in its pursuit of retaliating against the whistleblowers in the San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services Grand Jury and Fox 11 Los Angeles investigations.  We’ve been hearing for a couple of weeks now of various ways they are trying to get to those who came forward.

The rumors of “warrants” for the whistleblowers seems to be just that, rumors.  However, I’m not willing to completely discount them until this whole thing is over.  The District Attorney’s office says it is not going to do the county’s bidding, which is smart.  I’ve heard through the grapevine that the Sheriff’s Department is not going to do so either.  I hope that is correct as I think it would be political suicide for any elected official to go after whistleblowers where there are dead children.

I have not yet seen the report that Fox 11 Los Angeles did on Friday, but it was a half-hour report and included an interview with California Attorney General Kamala Harris.  It is my understanding that she is very aware of this situation and did not seem too keen on the idea of going after the whistleblowers either.

That leaves one other option I can think of, not that I think it will happen.  But I’ve heard from a source that the county may try to have District Attorney Mike Ramos recused for conflict of interest and get another District Attorney from a neighboring county to prepare the affidavits for warrants.  I don’t even know if that is possible nor do I think it is likely, but it is out there as a rumor.

So what part of the rumors do I believe?  Well, first of all, there is a rumor that there are numerous other whistleblowers besides those who came to me and went to Fox 11 Los Angeles.  I suspect those would be the county employees summoned by the Grand Jury in its investigation. I’m willing to bet there are quite a few. Going after Grand Jury witnesses would be yet another slippery slope, but I don’t think the county cares.

In that vein, rumor has it that one Social Service Practitioner has been placed on Administrative Leave.  Supposedly, the county believes he is a whistleblower but is going after him for something else.  My guess it is for union activity, which is another slippery slope, but they got away with it with me and others.  There are new unions in town, so if true, it shall be interesting to watch.

The biggest rumor of all, and the one I absolutely believe, is that the county is going to try to attack the alleged whistleblowers by going after their state licenses.  They don’t need law enforcement to do that.  All they need is a dishonest Human Resources Officer, of which there are many.

I personally witnessed this tactic when I worked at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in the Behavioral Health Unit.  You have employees who spent anywhere from seven to twelve years in college getting the education to qualify for their licenses.  County HROs know that and it is a threat they use to control the employees.  They would not only lose their job, but also be unable to practice anywhere in the state, and depending on the allegations, anywhere in the country.  Believe me, HROs, with the help of County Counsel, are not above making shit up.  They will swear to anything under penalty of perjury because there are no consequences for them in this county.  Just ask Travis Bauer or Rex Gutierrez.

As soon as the 30-minute piece from Friday is available online, I will write a story and post the video.  Until then, feel free to send me any rumors you hear.  My advice to the whistleblowers is to lawyer up.  If anyone wants to recommend a good attorney, post it in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Has the retaliation begun?

  1. Totally spot on regarding the County’s intimidation tactics of threatening to go after someone’s license by reporting them to their licensing board. I remember Cynthia O’Neal being a puppet for my prior boss; Terry Fillman.

    But what they didn’t expect was how much I dislike bullies who think it’s okay to threaten me based on false accusations. They quickly learned that backing me into a corner was a terrible mistake……it just made me fight harder and more ferocious.

    I still remember the deafening silence when I informed Cynthia that I had already notified my nursing board of the County’s intimidation tactics. They were not happy that the County was using their board as a bargaining chip.

    They expected me to hang my head in shame and walk away quietly. But instead, they were the ones who slinked away with their tails between their legs!

  2. These whistleblowers are protected under California law as this issue is CLEARLY a matter of great “public concern” and is FREE speech protected since it involves a governmental agency.

    When would the negligant death of a child however slight NOT be a concern to the majority?

    Are there good CPS workers out there? ABSOLUTELY who working in concert with Law Enforcement can bring down the wrath on abuse or lack of care for children.

    Myself and many others have been called to homes and took immediate action to remove children from said home for a number of reasons.

    Law Enforcement DOES NOT take orders from CPS or their administrators. LE has absolute power to order that kids be removed immediately if necessary. What happens LATER might be a serious political problem that has festered into ANOTHER scandal for the County.

    If any whistleblowers are reading this and you believe you have or will be targeted by County leaders YOU as a individual or as a group, SHOULD contact Attorney Chris Gaspard who is no stranger to whistleblower retaliation.

    If his case load is to full he can direct you to others he knows to start the process in defending YOU or starting a class action suit in response to any retaliation.

    If your foolish enough to go to SBPEA representatives and think your Union will step in, SHAME on you for your ignorant after ALL this time. Anything you pass on to those clowns will get right back to the very people after you! DUH!!!!!

    I cannot phathom the rumor that the whistleblowers could be arrested for these actions.

    The Sheriff and District Attorney are up to their lips in cases right now where cover ups have yet to be explained. But yeah I guess they could fabricate charges they are no stranger to that.

    Most of us already know the County takes extreme measures to stop leaks and discover sources of information negative to their corrupt agendas.

    Right now NO ONE has even touched on the process of what takes place when CPS or LE are called to a home.

    I haven’t seen anything on the paper trail that exists on these very issues.

    It appears the media has again missed the boat on showing who is responsible at the end of the day!

  3. Shouldn’t the DA and sheriff do the “bidding” for victims of the county’s negligence? Shouldn’t the sheriff investigate child endangerment regardless of who the suspects are? San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services employees do not have immunity from prosecution for crimes against children. Stupidity, negligence, etc. are not defenses to crimes. If country employees are the proximate cause of dead children, they should be prosecuted.

    The sheriff ought to be doing his job, not offering excuses for why he isn’t.

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