Fox 11 Los Angeles reporter confronts SBCo. BOS over CFS scandal

SBCo. Board of Supervisors

On Tuesday, Fox 11 Los Angeles reporter Gina Silva attended the regular meeting of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors (BOS).  She filled out the required speaker’s slip and addressed the BOS like any other public speaker.  She wanted to confront the board members regarding her investigative reports on child deaths connected to the county’s Department of Children and Family Services.

Silva explained that she had left messages for each member of the BOS but not one had returned her call.  Silva tried also tried to get CFS Director Marlene Hagen to speak with her on or off camera.  Hagen refused.  County officials instead insisted on issuing written statements.  Thus, Silva was forced to take this novel approach to get their attention.

David Wert, Public Information Officer for the County Administrative Office, last week prepared talking points for board members to use in case they were confronted.  Silva obtained Wert’s email directing board members communication with the public and press.  In a very awkward moment, once Silva completed her comments, Chairman of the Board James Ramos began to read from the talking points, stumbling nervously as he read them.  The remaining four board members looked on but said nothing.

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