Fox 11 Los Angeles interviews San Bernardino County CFS child abuse victim

Juvenile Dependency Court

In the latest report about the County of San Bernardino Department of Children and Family Services aired by Fox 11 Los Angeles, investigative reporter Gina Silva interviewed a teenage child abuse victim.  The abuse came, not at the hands of her parents, but at the hands of her foster parents, who operated a foster home in Victorville, Calif.

In what is probably the most damaging report to date, Silva reveals that the foster license had been revoked 15 years earlier for abuse but the county continued to place children in the home.  The county blames the “mistake” on a “clerical error” as county personnel did not properly enter the information into its computer system, thus allowing 54 more children to be placed in the home over a 10- to 15-year period.

According to Silva’s report, a social worker was the first to discover the information.  That social worker turned a list of the children placed in the home during that period over to law enforcement.  For his effort, he was removed from the case and disciplined for violating confidentiality policies even though he was helping with the investigation.

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