For those who did not see it

SBCo. Board of Supervisors

The five members of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors put together a video.  Here it is:

Also, here is a message from Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales:

Statement From Sup. Josie Gonzales on San Bernardino Shooting

“To all those affected by the tragic events in San Bernardino yesterday:

Distraught…in-shock…angry…no words can describe the emotional state of our community as we are forced to endure the heartbreaking loss of beloved members of our County family.

Our entire community is in mourning as we attempt to grasp this inconceivable loss…this senseless tragedy. It is an unimaginable circumstance that leaves me, County staff, and our residents tremendously shaken.

I pray that moving forward we will clutch our loved ones tighter than we ever thought possible…that we will love and be loved more than ever, and that we will persevere with the unifying strength of our community.

The residents of this County have endured time and time again, and despite this atrocity, our spirit and determination for life and liberty will not be broken. This community will not hide in our sorrow, we will not subdue to the face of fear; we will unite and strengthen our community identity. We will remain determined to exercise our freedoms, and we will resolve to remain courageous and fearless in the face of terror.

I have every faith that our law enforcement agencies and their personnel, all of whom have dedicated their lives to our safety, will ensure the wellbeing and security of our home.

We must stand in solidarity as County family during this time. I ask that that we support everyone that has lost their loved ones. Let us now come together in support of the community we call home.

God bless those who have lost their lives, and all of us who are left behind to grieve them and to carry on.

And a message from Fourth District Supervisor Curt Hagman:

Dear Fourth District Resident,

Flags throughout the county have been lowered to half-staff following the shooting that took place at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino late yesterday morning.  This afternoon, we mourn with the families of those lost in yesterday’s tragedy; in fact, no words can be said or written that will adequately express the grief we share for the loss of several members of our County Family. The impact of their love and service to others was great, and we [Supervisors] are doing everything within our power to ensure a thorough and complete investigation.

Out of respect for the victims and to provide time for healing, the Supervisors have decided to shut down non-essential county operations for the next two days (Thursday and Friday). This morning’s press conference, which took place on Waterman Avenue and Vanderbilt at 9:30 AM, updated the press and community with additional information since the start of the investigation.

Law enforcement is working on identifying victims and families are being notified on an on-going basis. Per the County Sheriff’s Department, the number of deceased has remained at 14, however the number of wounded has increased to 21. The County will issue as statement including the names of the victims once their families have been notified. The efforts of public safety personnel and the medical community to protect and assist during this time are greatly appreciated.

No motive has been identified at this time and local law enforcement agencies are fully cooperating with the FBI on the investigation. FBI Director, David Bowdich, explained that the “integrity of this investigation is paramount and [the FBI] is applying a number of federal resources, we are working with local agencies”. He added, “if you look at the pre-planning that went into this incident it’s apparent, it is going to take time to answer why.”

San Bernardino Police Department Chief, Jarrod Burguan, expressed that “first and foremost our prayers are with the families” and added that the suspects “were equipped and could have committed another shooting, but the [police] intercepted them before that”.

Caltrans has announced that the Eastbound and Westbound lanes on Interstate 10 Freeway and Waterman are fully open. Hard closures are being maintained by Homeland Security Investigations: Waterman Avenue is closed in both directions between Orange Show Rd. and Vanderbilt Way; San Bernardino Avenue is closed in both directions between Tippecanoe Avenue and Mountain View Avenue.

County Supervisors are resolved to providing support for and protection to the victims, their loved ones, our employees, and the community.  Supervisors have also reiterated our commitment to providing every support available to assist law enforcement in the on-going investigation.

A vigil for the community and families of victims is being held at the San Manuel Stadium in San Bernardino. The stadium will open at 5 PM and the vigil will begin at 6 PM. For additional information, please contact Jordan Smith at or by phone at 909-888-9922.

Information regarding this incident will be released as it becomes available. Stay strong San Bernardino, and God Bless.


Supervisor Curt Hagman

5 thoughts on “For those who did not see it

  1. So…will our Board of Supervisors decide that necessary safety precautions must be taken in our places of work at the County? There is not ONE metal detector at a TAD office, nor are there armed guards. Los Angeles County DPSS offices have deputy sheriff’s located in their buildings. Why are SB County employees not protected? Why did we have a co-worker who had terrorist ties working with us? We have lists and lists of potential terror suspects in the USA…you mean to tell me that no one picked up on this psychopath who gunned down our fellow co-workers? Our co-workers were slaughtered yesterday and this was not just a random case of workplace violence. Where is our support? Where are our safety measures? They offer active shooting trainings but only specific employees (those who are part of the lame safety committees at work…but all they do is prep for earthquakes) can attend. A number to a crisis hotline is not enough. Are our co-workers who lost husbands, wives, girlfriends and partners going to be compensated for this? I am sickened. Every single County employee needs to have background checks done at least once per year,….through the DOJ, which needs to include screening for terrorist ties. That probably wouldn’t have helped in this situation, as this murderer slipped under the FBI’s radar until after the fact. GET US METAL DETECTORS. GET US DEPUTY SHERIFF’S AT EVERY COUNTY OFFICE. MAKE SURE ALL COUNTY DOORS ARE LOCKED. DON’T HIRE TERRORISTS.

  2. I am glad you brought this up, since our fearless leaders don’t seem to care for our safety. I work at one of the TAD offices in SB. Kuddos to TAD 01, they were on lockdown by 11:30. My office did not do it until 1:00. I was very worried, but management was just going to follow orders. We all had cell phones on and reports by noon or before were that shooters were on the run. Of course I was thinking “will they target another office.” We have been asking for more security for years and yet we get observation only security guards. WE NEED METAL DETECTORS. I can site numerous gun incidents by my officer, one just recently in the parking lot. As you know they are designing the offices so that anyone can just walk in back and see their worker. A guard is at the entry way, but I have heard reports from other workers that they are not always observing who is going back. My sister works for LA unified and they always have active shooter drills and they have metal detectors. Seems like the decision makers care about their BUDGETS and their PAYCHECKS and if extra security affects that then the true civil servants like me get the short end of the stick.

  3. I pray for all those involved. Soft targets, gun free zones. Allow law abiding citizens to pursue life liberty and happiness via concealed permits. It just might save your life someday.

  4. I pray for all the loved ones families…i am sure they are beyond devastation and in horrific mourning…lets honor them by ensuring heightened security for all sb county offices..we can no longer use the front open doors for employees and customers protection. Have 2 sb county sheriffs use medal detectors at the employee entrance for all employee and customers entrance and exits. One sb sheriff walks them to their destination. Several sb sheriffs patrolling parking lots and etc for observation and preventive unlawful acts.. At least this will be a start toward diligent proactive action in protecting our employees and customers…We have no choice but to ensure them we care about their lives..

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