The councilman doth protest too much, methinks

Rich Harpole

Barstow City Councilman Rich Harpole emailed me tonight to state he is not considering a run for the board of supervisors and that no one has approached him to do so.  He went on to suggest that I should check my sources before throwing someone’s name out there.  I’ve heard, but have not taken the time to look, that he is whining on Facebook as well.

Here is the problem Rich:  I did check my sources, both before I wrote the story and after I received your email.  My sources are quite excellent and they say that you, if fact, were discussing a run for the board.  They have no reason to lie or to just pull your name out of thin air.

Now, perhaps today you are no longer considering a run, but you did make it clear in the recent past that you were considering it.  I’m glad you decided against it because, let’s face it, no one takes a run for BOS by a Barstow city councilman seriously.  It makes for good pot stirring, but that is about it.

My guess is that you are concerned that a certain person may feel threatened.  Well, I hate to break it to you, but in this county secrets do not remain secret for very long.  I am pretty willing to bet that that person knew long before I knew of your plans.  I am also willing to bet that person is secretly smiling as you get on your high horse and feign surprise and outrage at the suggestion in an attempt at damage control with him.

No worries though Rich.  Although you may take yourself quite seriously, no one else does.  You can run; you can not run.  It doesn’t matter.  You stand no chance of being elected to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.  Anyone with the least bit of political acumen understands that.  But then again, we know most Barstow City Councilmembers are too isolated and involved in the small-town thought process to look at the big picture.  You can have visions of grandeur, but they are just that.  Visions, not reality.

Glad I gave you your fifteen minutes of fame.  Funny how people care about what I write since no one reads my blog anyway.

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