County leaders counting on county employees to be no-shows

Supervisor Bob

County officials know that county employees may huff and puff, but when it is all said and done, they accept whatever crumbs the county offers like good little sheep.  There is decades-long history of such and it has become much worse in the past in the past six years.  The current San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, led by Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux, has no reason to think this time things will be any different.  Devereaux has proven he can hold the line on employee raises and force employees to take cuts.

Devereaux is known to relish dealing with unions.  He fancies himself a union buster.  And so far, mostly, he has succeeded in getting employees to sign contracts not in their best interests.

Devereaux has the strong support of two county supervisors, Janice Rutherford and Robert “Bob” Lovingood.  Neither supervisor has any respect for county employees and the jobs that they do.

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