Commentary: Is the International Brotherhood of Teamsters right?

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

A couple of weeks ago I was copied on an email from a citizen who wrote to the manager of the Devore Animal Shelter.  The premise of her email was that if all you strive for is failure, or at best mediocrity, that is all you will ever achieve.  I could not help but think of that email when I was having a conversation with Teamsters Joint Council 42 Organizing Director Randy Korgan about the upcoming rally.

There is a new game in town and that game is the Teamsters.  Whether one is a union supporter or not, what they have to say makes a lot of sense.

Korgan expounded on the concept that one of the biggest reasons local governments do not have money to give employees raises and benefits is because they have squandered taxpayer money on various forms of corporate welfare with little to no bang for their buck.  He says over the past few decades billions of taxpayers’ dollars have been spent subsidizing large corporations that want to locate in San Bernardino County but do not want to spend the money to improve infrastructure or to pay living wages to employees.

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