Now there is something I can agree with

San Bernardino County

I was just listening to the BOS meeting regarding welfare fraud.  Although I believe this is a matter of Supervisor Lovingood creating a campaign issue, one good thing could come out of it.

As I have stated time and again, the issue is NOT with the DA prosecuting cases.  The issue is that Linda Haugan, Nancy Swanson, and Virginia Lugo create an environment where employees are strongly discouraged from reporting and investigating welfare fraud including IHSS.  It is also rampant in Sandy Harsen’s department.  The true welfare frauds are these four women who are more interested in building empires than being ethical, good stewards of taxpayer money.

So, the suggestion that the welfare fraud investigators be moved to the district attorney’s is an excellent one.  The crooks won’t be in charge of the cops.

2 thoughts on “Now there is something I can agree with

  1. For supervisor lovinggood to complain about welfare fraud is like Chapo complaining about drug warfare. Supervisor lovinggood is the biggest crook in the county and the district attorney refuses to prosecute him.

  2. Welfare to Work program is a huge fraud! I got disgusted at how taxpayer money is wasted. The worst of all were/are those recipients who know how to game the system because they knew all they had to do was complain and supervisors would double over. The sups were always afraid that the recipients would go complain to the BOS.

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