Would you be offended?

San Bernardino County

The story below was a difficult one to write.  It’s Christmas.  And I happen to love the video in question so much so that it has been on my Facebook wall for several weeks.

But, on the other hand, it is on my PERSONAL Facebook wall, not being shoved down my throat at work. Would you be offended if you were fored to watch that video at work?

Imagine if Syed Farook was a job developer or employment specialist instead of a restaurant inspector.  It could just as easily be a whole bunch of WDD employees dead.

I’m not suggesting that anyone is responsible for what Farook and his wife did other than Farook and his wife, nor am I suggesting that the lives of employees at one department are more or less valuable than the lives at another department.  What I am suggesting is that in the workplace there has to be a certain amount of caution that Federal laws are being upheld and failure to do so could have some serious consequences.

The other part of my dilemma with this story is that I have experienced Sandy Harmsen’s hostile work environment behavior first hand as she prays with you while reaching around and sticking the knife in your back.  It is not mine to judge but I’m going to say it anyway.  Christians such as Sandy Harmsen make me want to puke.  They are as ungodly as they come.

Yes, she plays favorites.  Yes, she hires those from her church.  Yes, she hires people that have no business being hired as personal favors to others.  And it has gone on for as long as I can remember.

When I asked for information in a post below, I received several responses not having to do with the letter.  One such response has to do with the number of supervisors she forced out suddenly.  If any of you want to talk, please get a hold of me at iepolitics2010@gmail.com.  And if any of you want to come forward about being forced to falsify stats, jobs, activities, etc., please by all means contact me.

I haven’t decided how I am going to pursue this story.  I have 101 Sandy Harmsen stories I could share of fraud, deception, falsification, abuse of power, abuse of taxpayer funds, etc.  I shall wait and see if there is any kind of response from the CAO’s office first and go from there.

One thought on “Would you be offended?

  1. Offended? No. But I wouldn’t be forced to watch something like this at work. I would really be ticked off.

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