Trying to find an eyewitness

San Bernardino County

I received a copy of a letter last night that the sender said they were sending to Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux and each member of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors today.  I believe the letter is being sent snail mail.  As of this afternoon Devereaux had not received it and, if it was sent via snail mail rather than email, will likely not receive it until Monday.

The letter was about a recent mandatory meeting of employees at the Workforce Development Department.  It was specifically a complaint about religious material and hiring friends and relatives that go to the same church or are of the same religion.

I tend to believe that what was described in the letter occurred as I worked for Sandy Harmsen for a while and know her MO.  But, in order to do an Examiner article about the situation, I need to talk to someone who was in the meeting.  You may remain anonymous but I need to be able to verify that what is in that letter really happened.

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