Employees say SBCo. WDD director is creating a hostile work environment

San Bernardino County

Non-Christian employees at San Bernardino County’s Workforce Development Department (WDD) complain that the actions of director Sandy Harmsen are creating a hostile work environment.  Offended employees put the most recent accusation in writing in an anonymous letter to Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux and each member of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

Harmsen is accused of giving preferential treatment to those who are of the same religion and attend the same church she attends.  The most recent tipping point came during a mandatory meeting of all employees in her department where Harmsen forced employees to view the above video.

The video is that of a flash mob where Christian group Journey of Faith performs four Christmas classics—“Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You, “ “O Come All You Faithful,” “Go Tell It on the Mountain,” and “O Holy Night”—and three actors appear towards the end portraying Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus.  Those nearby kneel to worship the Christ child.

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One thought on “Employees say SBCo. WDD director is creating a hostile work environment

  1. I’m a Christian and am all for being able to work with other Christians however, playing favorites just because the other person is of the same faith is just plain wrong! Especially if someone else is more qualified. Wake up director!

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