The Probation Department

San Bernardino County

I’m receiving a lot of information regarding the San Bernardino County Probation Department from a variety of sources.  As with most stories, my sources do not want to go on the record for fear of retaliation.

So many of the stories have shades of the Travis Bauer case.  I’m looking at a lot of different angles but one thing is clear and that is there is another HRO out of control who had been allowed to lie, trample employees rights, and generally cause issues.

Please continue sending me leads and stories.  I am particularly interested in the investigation and the relationship between the CEO and the CPO.

3 thoughts on “The Probation Department

  1. The Union Attorney John Ramirez is on summary probation in Case TWV 1402727 for VC 23152(b), DUI with .08% or Higher Blood Alcohol Content. The County is unbelievably CORRUPT!!! Do not let this attorney represent you if you get into trouble.

  2. According to SB Court Open Access – available to the public – The Probation Department Union attorney John R. Ramirez is on summary probation in Case TWV1402727 for VC23152(b), DUI with .08% or Higher Blood Alcohol. And he is allowed to represent people in need of competent legal help? CORRUPTION!!!!

  3. Anonymous…very interesting perspective.

    If you know anything about the County of SB Probation department you know that the Department had been firing people for their off duty misconduct.

    The Union has always stood for the proposition and belief that Off Duty Misconduct has nothing to do with the workplace. In fact do you, Anonymous, know that there are many members of the probation department that have various convictions for anything from DUI, to drug related offenses and in some instances DV?

    However, those facts are irrelevant to the job that Officer does for the Department.

    It’s the Union’s job to protect the members…and they do not conspire with the county. Your post makes it seem that the Union is conspiring with the County to screw the Probation department over…

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