Lying by HR staff – say it ain’t so

San Bernardino County

For some of you, this will be a shocking revelation but iepolitics had learned that another HRO is accused of lying and protecting a director and deputy director who determined promotees even before there was a recruitment.  This may be bad enough that the BOS has brought in an outside investigator.  However, the results of the investigation are not expected to see the light of day.  More to come as I try to investigate the accusations.

One thought on “Lying by HR staff – say it ain’t so

  1. I wrote a letter to Sandra Quiet and HR a while back since POII’s can take supervisor promotion tests, but the “unwritten” policy of the Chief was that she would not allow it.
    I had more education, work experience in a “supervisory” field then the POIII selected.
    My letter was never acknowledged and our union attorney did not respond either.

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