Do the names Sandra Quiet or Sylvia Earl mean anything to anyone?

San Bernardino County

I’m looking for reputation, integrity, etc.  You can email or put it in a comment.  The comment will be for my eyes only and not approved.

On what may be related or totally unrelated, does anyone know anything about an African American making workplace violence threats and the threatened employees being told they needed to suck it up  because the county would not do anything?

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  1. I will speak out as I was forced to resign by Ms. Quiet. These two ladies have been allowed to bully employees of the Probation Department for the past decade. In 2004, I was investigated on false charges and cleared 100% thanks to my SEBA attorney. Fast forward one decade later to 2015. My co-worker called and spoke to Ms. Earl to inquire about compensation for miles traveled two hours from assigned work site. Ms. Earl demanded to know her name, the reason for the inquiry, and bullied her to tears. I myself had been with the county for twenty years and had received two promotions. I detained an individual who stole a firearm from my residence and was forced to resign due to a complete lack of legal representation from non-SEBA counsel. I was never allowed to present my side of the story to Internal Affairs despite serious documented medical conditions which required narcotic pain medication. I was told by my counsel that my Skelly Hearing would be with Ms.Quiet and not the Chief Probation Officer as outlined per policy. Since 2012, I received APPA Officer of the Year, Footprinters Officer of the Year and the Cheif’s Award for Heroism. I was in a supervisory position. I was forced to take a fitness for duty evaluation and passed with flying colors. Yet I was still forced to resign due to corruption in HR and ineffective counsel. This despite having co-workers who were CONVICTED of crimes (domestic violence, DUI, etc) who were allowed to maintain their employment. This despite a text message from DCPO Bautista ensuring my employment after the incident which was never fully investigated. The HR Department ruined my life.

  2. Are you referring to an incident where you pulled your department issued gun off duty and detained an African American war vet who lived in your complex who the police later found had done nothing.

  3. I am very familiar with this situation. I was one of the people that was threatened.

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