Guest Editorial: San Bernardino County Building and Safety

San Bernardino County

Dear Ms. Sharon Gilbert,

Why is San Bernardino County Building and Safety requiring “enclosed carport” manufacturers, (steel buildings) to jump through hoops to get certified?  My guess is that the old “red Iron” steel building manufacturers have pressured the San Bernardino County Building and Safety to hold up these new steel building manufacturers certifications because their buildings are less expensive both in cost and assembly and they can’t compete.

I have been getting quotes or the lack of quotes from the likes of Interstate Carports, American Carports and United Carports. The reason is that the County of San Bernardino, CA is not issuing building permits for enclosed carports. It seems that they want to see information on the fabricator to insure that the structure meets and or exceeds their requirements. Really……………….. I believe there is more here than meets the eye.

My emails to United Carports, Interstate Carports and American Carports: Could you please confirm that your company is able to conduct business in San Bernardino County, CA? And that I will not have any issues getting a building permit for your building.

Responses: We are in the final stages of becoming an approved fabricator for San Bernardino County and have ten pending orders which are awaiting this. I believe we are weeks away from the final approval and if you’d like to wait until we have it in hand you can follow up in a couple weeks and see where we’re at with that, or get the order in to start the ball rolling. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to help.

Warm Regards,

Ed Hubler

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