A little more information on Matt Brown

Colonies Four

If you haven’t read the article by Mark Gutglueck, here is the link.  I’m not buying the blackmail part, but I guess in this county you never know.

Mark wrote about some things I had completely forgotten about.  He also missed a few things.  But there is plenty there for anyone to question Matt Brown’s suitability for county employment, never mind a top spot in the treasurer’s office.

There are two issues I have with the Colonies prosecution.  The first I’ve written about many times and that is two (really just one) certain DA investigators.  What can I say?  You violate my rights and you make it very personal.  I don’t forget such things.

The second is the choice of whowas indicted.  I have a real problem with Mark Kirk being indicted and not Matt Brown.  I have a problem with Paul Biane being indicted and not Gary Ovitt.  Of the four of them, the worst of the worse was Matt Brown and yet he skated.

I think Matt is such a snake, not that I haven’t mentioned that a time or two.  If he puts his application in for the position, it would be yet another big fat slap in the face to residents if the BOS appointed him.  Not that the board didn’t lose all credibility in the “transparency” area with the Lamberto scandal, if they have one iota left, it would be gone with a Brown appointment.

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