Looking for information on county libraries, museums and parks

Greg Devereaux

It seems our beloved County Executive Officer, Greg Devereaux, is obliterating all three departments, at least those branches not located in the West End.  I’m in the process of writing a series of stories.  If anyone has additional information about what is going on in these three departments, please use the contact form or email me.

3 thoughts on “Looking for information on county libraries, museums and parks

  1. Hopefully you’ll seek the County’s perspective and not just the perspective of disgruntled ex-employees who needed to go. Museums and Parks are finally starting to recover after more than a decade of serious mismanagement.

  2. Well, why don’t you share the County’s perspective. My perspective is from visiting my very own library, a library that I am forced to frequent way too often. I’ve watched it turn from a friendly small-town, integral part of the community to a cold institution where subordinate long-term employees are treated like pieces of crap.

    Then, of course, there is the regional park closest to me. It is being decimated with the help of First District Supervisor Bob Lovingood. Rumor has it that Greg’s friend, Dan Richards, will eventually develop. I wonder if we will see any campaign contributions funneled from Richards to Supervisor Bob?

    Finally, there is the letter that you are referring to. All four female curators were disgruntled? Really? I think they are claiming sexual discrimination. Yep, another young Hispanic buck has been put in a place of power where the women (or in some instances, men) are part of the smorgasbord if they are young, or to be gotten rid of if they are not appealing enough and/or willing to put out. This makes six or seven now. Gustavo Cisneros and Michael De la Rosa are just two of the names I can think of where county administrators knew what was going on and allowed it in the name of “recovery.” They wouldn’t touch the perpetrators because they were a protected class.

    Oh, I may do a CPRA request, but the county has zero credibility on this one with me. I have way too much personal experience in this area.

  3. It is shameful what is happening at Parks. Leadership was given to someone who has one agenda, how to promote himself in the eyes of the Board and our CEO, with no concern for staff morale. A true leader knows you get more loyalty and hard work from employees when you treat them with respect, not idle threats and criticism.

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