Did Devereaux commit perjury? – Updated

Greg Devereaux

Obviously someone did.  A high-ranking county official.  The jurors said they lacked credibility as they contradicted one another.  In Devereaux’s case, that is grounds for termination.  Where’s the BOS?  I thought the BOS stood for truth, justice and the American way . . . and, oh yeah, transparency.  So where is the outrage?  The investigation?  The termination?  Oops, I forgot.  It’s San Bernardino County, California’s most corrupt county.  It’s business as usual.  Our leaders don’t know any other way than to be corrupt.

Update:  Trying to learn about this case is a real pain with the new and improved court records system.  As soon as I can I will go to the courthouse and pull the file.

I have learned a few new things, a couple of which I cannot write about yet.  It is clear that Devereaux intentionally committed perjury.  Remember his testimony came on the heels of the Lamberto fiasco.  I’m guessing Dev didn’t want the BOS to know he broke the law so soon after the Lamberto issue.  Henry narc’ed him off.  I guess Devereaux’s testimony lacked common sense.  There are some other things admitted during testimony our unions really got to know about.  We’ve talked about them on the blog for years.  Now there is proof.

The $704,000 judgment does not include attorneys fees.  Those fees will be close to $1 million.

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  1. I also believe the jurors when they said, “In the end, the jurors said that Hartwig, Devereaux, and Lamberto lacked credibility.”

    I have been trying to work with the San Bernardino County Fire Agency and the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors for the past 4 months on an issue that the San Bernardino County Fire Agency has created for the community of Havasu Lake, CA.

    Mr. Mark A. Hartwig, Fire Chief/Fire Warden, San Bernardino County Fire District is trying to tell the Havasu Lake community that there just isn’t enough money to partially staff our Havasu Lake fire station 18 and that they have had to make some decisions on staffing and assignments at Fire Station 18. (e.g. It was never a problem in the past).

    This doesn’t make sense to me. How is it that the City of Needles, with a population of 4,969 residents in 2014, (and not expected to grow any more than that in the next five years) can afford a new $4.3 million dollar fire station with only the FP-5 Helendale/Silver Lakes = $143.92 x 2,769 = $398,514 parcel tax contribution. Also add to that the cost per year to man a single fire station at $1.6 million according to San Bernardino County Fire Chief Mark A. Hartwig.

    The City of Needles could get help (Mutual Aid) from neighboring communities such as Fort Mohave, AZ or Laughlin, NV, if required, (just like Big River and Black Meadow Landing gets from Parker, AZ). It doesn’t need a second Fire Station.

    Two fire stations, (Fire Station 31 & Fire Station 32) for less than 5,000 people. It doesn’t make any sense to me and it shouldn’t to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors either. Especially since Greg Devereaux, San Bernardino County CEO, Mark A. Hartwig, Fire Chief/Fire Warden, San Bernardino County Fire District, John Chamberlin, San Bernardino County Fire Department Battalion Chief, Thomas E Marshall, Battalion Chief, San Bernardino County Fire Department, and Robert A. Lovingood, San Bernardino County First District Supervisor have all conspired to screw the property owners and residents of Havasu Lake, Population of *5,471 Demographic data based on 2000 Census, est., (i.e, population today is 6,000 residents and expected to grow to 6,500 in five years) (FP-6 Havasu Lake = $127.74 x 2,769 = $353,712 parcel tax contribution) by severely restricting the fire and emergency personal in the Havasu Lake community to the Landing, (Indian land).

    With the knowledge and approval from Greg Devereaux, Mark A. Hartwig, Thomas E Marshall, and Robert A. Lovingood, Mr. John Chamberlin, in a secret meeting, (annual HOA meeting, no one outside of the HOA was informed, and or invited to this meeting. The meeting was not posted anywhere nor was it published in the Havasu Sun, a monthly publication by the Havasu Lake Firebells, even though the Firebells were asked to put Mr. John Chamberlin on the annual HOA meeting agenda) in October 2015 a back room deal was struck,“After meeting with the (HOA) residents, we streamlined the responses to remove those personnel from responding outside of Havasu Landing.” The San Bernardino County Fire agency receives $11,700.00 per year from the Indian Tribe to provide emergency and medical services to the Indian Lands, (which includes “The Landing”).

    CA Hwy 95 at 17 mile road has seen a 100 fold increase in Semi-truck traffic in the last ten years, (with some pretty horrific accidents) with truckers on the 40 FWY headed to the 10 and 60 FWY’s in Riverside County where the distribution centers are located.

    The Chemehuevi Indian Tribe has announced plans to build a new Hotel Casino Resort which means additional traffic of workers building the facility and additional people working at the resort, not to mention the addition of guests. There are more events at the Chemehuevi camp ground which brings in more people on CA 95 and 17 mile road. Within the past ten years In North Havasu Estates there have been 10 new residents built. There have been at least 15 new residents built in Vista Del Lago within the past ten years, not to mention the new residents in the area surrounding Vista Del Lago.

    For the past 20+ years Havasu Lake fire station 18 has been able to justify paid firefighters and supplement them with paid call firefighters and now that things are really starting to heat up and the area is beginning to really expand, a decision is made to “shut down” the full time fire fighters and go to a “Paid Call” fire department, with no supervision. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    There have been well over 20 calls for fire and emergency personal to Havasu Lake Fire Station 18 (outside of the landing) that have gone unanswered, (since the Oct HOA meeting) by Havasu Lake Fire Station 18 and or any other fire station so far this year.

    So for $11,700.00 per year paid by the Indian Tribe, the property owners and residents who pay $353,712 parcel tax or more per year are screwed and get NO fire and emergency protection from the Havasu Lake fire station 18.

    In late February 2016, Greg Devereaux, Mark A. Hartwig and Robert A. Lovingood had a meeting to discuss the issue. None of the concerned citizens, (at least 20 of us) were invited to the meeting. I firmly believe that it was a cover your axx meeting for the three of them.

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