Devereaux brags he cannot be fired

Greg Devereaux

I was looking for the Agenda 21 video someone sent me a while back that I never got posted.  I came across this video first.  I think there are several things in it that County Executive Officer Greg Devereaux said that are rather interesting.  See what you think.

11 thoughts on “Devereaux brags he cannot be fired

  1. I viewed the video, and think that a claim that Mr. Devereaux “brags” that he “cannot be fired” is an extremely narrow view of what he said, and the context within which said it.

    It seems to me like he was explaining that he was concerned that some of the county supervisors in office at the time he was hired were not interested in changing the dynamics of the county, and if he took the job he wanted to be sure they couldn’t remove him on a political whim. Thus, he negotiated a contract that precluded them from doing so.

  2. OOF, Did you miss the pot shot he took at Neil Derry, Paul Biane and Brad Mitzelfelt? You’ve inspired me to write a story with some history for those who seem to have forgotten.

  3. Administrator:

    I just viewed the video again.

    Mr. Devereaux did not mention any supervisor by name, only saying that 2 of them wanted change and 3 of them did not. You are more in tune with this than I am, but how can that be construed as his taking “pot shots” at Derry, Biane, and Mitzelfelt? I was and still am a big supporter of Neil Derry, and I thought he was one of the 2 supervisors that wanted to change the county dynamics? Am I missing something?

    Also, on a second viewing, I do not see how any objective evaluation of Mr. Devereaux’s comments can lead to the conclusion that he was “bragging.” A member of the audience apparently felt that way, and I have to think there is a history between that person and Mr. Devereaux or the county that triggered that comment.

  4. No, the two supervisors he was referring to were Gary Ovitt and Josie Gonzales. He gave Derry hell. There was actually a story in the PE where he took a shot at Neil and Brad at the time. I’m not sure who is left over on the other blog from Derry’s administration, but you can ask them yourself. Things were not good between Neil and Greg. Greg undermined Neil every step of the way.

    I’m going to write a story about all that happened, including stuff with Janice. It was not, and is not, the one big happy family they try to portray.

  5. OOF, every time I’m convinced you are a PR guy for Burum, you write something that clearly shows you are not in the know! There have been big issues between the dyamic duo of Janice/Greg and the mountain community as well as with those two flexing their muscles and trying to control everything. They were having a string of success. But the tide is turning on the Fifth Floor. It really looked like Greg would be gone by the end of the year. However, one supervisor has wimped out and Lovingood is just too worthless. It will likely take Lovingood’s defeat to get rid of Greg but he will be gone one way or another whether it is of his own accord or they can him.

  6. I’d be willing to bet Observer of Facts is much more than just a P.R. man for burum,

  7. Repairman:

    So you think I am “much more than a just P.R. man for Burum?” I’m not quite sure what that means, although you are clearly speculating, one of your specialties.

    If you spent less time speculating, and more time objectively evaluating the facts, you might be taken more seriously.

    “I’d be willing to bet” that you will continue to avoid admitting that Neil Derry was never arrested, and will continue to avoid admitting that you flip flopped in your opinion about Mike Ramos campaign violations.

  8. Administrator:

    Thank you for your insight; as I said previously, you are much more in tune with this than I am.

    I know that Greg Devereaux has critics, but I have not really seen any specific criticisms or facts to support them. Instead, its usually been vague references to him being a “cancer” who was brought to the county by “Ovitt the idiot,” or suggestions that the West Virginia trip with Dan Richards and Paul Biane was a vast conspiracy to defraud taxpayers.

    I had no idea that he and Neil Derry were adversaries; interesting!

    Hey, perhaps Repairman is really a “P.R. man” for Greg Devereaux!

  9. Repairman:

    Since you are apparently disinclined to expend the effort to say anything specific, here is a list for you to make responding easier.

    During the past five years, it has been suggested that I am:

    1) A political consultant paid for by Jeff Burum.
    2) An employee of Jeff Burum.
    3) The husband of an employee of Jeff Burum.
    4) Jeff Burum himself.
    5) A partner or investor in The Colonies project.
    6) Richard Grenell.
    7) An attorney.
    8) A political consultant paid for by Neil Derry.
    9) A disgruntled “useless developer” (thanks to Red Anon for that eloquent phrase).
    10) A “P.R. man for burum.”

    When you say I am “Much, much, more” than a “P.R man for Burum,” are you referring to something or somebody on that list? Or are you referring to something or somebody else?

    By the way, I see you apparently have no comment to your obvious flip flopping on the Mike Ramos campaign violations. I didn’t really expect one, but if you are going to respond, here’s another opportunity to do so.

  10. Some people just can’t stand it that the county is finally operating the way it should be. The only people who are unhappy are the crooks who used to run the place, the people who benefited under the old corrupt system, and the people who just got used to doing business that way.

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