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Since the December massacre I don’t think a week has passed where I have not receive some sort of contact from a county employee about the lack of security in their building.  What employees are telling me is that all the BOS and CEO Greg Devereaux is giving thme is lip service.

Some of the messages I have received have been simple while others have been detailed.  The most recent came from an employee in a building I was in a few weeks ago.

I wandered around that building at will.  There was no security in sight.  I remember thinking to myself that the employees were sitting ducks.  The counter was only a few feet high and anyone could jump it and start spraying bullets.  It was a large open office.  They could kill many employees before help would arrive.

I have not responded to most of the contacts I have received.  I’m not ignoring you.  I just don’t know how to help you.

If I write a story, the only thing the county is going to do is to try to find my sources and discipline them, which does nothing to help.

If my sources are correct, little is being done to impede workplace violence issues.  It seems to be business as usual.

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  1. I would think you can summarize the various letters and avoid using verbatim statements. That would make it difficult to pinpoint the source.

    The BOS is so far disconnected from the rank and file…. as that 700K judgement indicates… that unless its brought out into the open, nothing happens. Some of the problem is the BOS, but a LOT of it is county administrators that live most of the day in a lockable office, that don’t give a crap about employee safety even when its brought to their attention verbally, or in emails.

  2. I was just thinking yesterday while at work how NO ONE mentions anything about what is being done for our safety anymore. It’s frightening and disheartening. Granted we now have 2 armed guards that rove between tad 02, tad 01 & tad 07 and some guards are now level 2 but nothing else at this time 4 months later. God forbid another attack. Those of us that are actively vocal are coming up against walls. Our only choice seems to be to resign. The county isn’t going to protect us.

  3. Friends from PH have noted a very weak security response after Dec 2, unless you happen to be in an admin office, or near an elected official. Same old rent a cops at staff locations. Why would the status quo change? There is an abysmal chasm between the annointed and the rank and file.

  4. Allow employees that have ccws to carry while at work and your mass shooter problem is covered without spending more tax dollars on unneeded employees.

  5. The only way, “We the People of San Bernardino County” are going to make our working lives more secure and better is to get rid of the current San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. Then and only then can we make our lives more secure and much better.

    The voters (especially the rank and file County workers) in San Bernardino County need to wake up and clean house, by voting out the current San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. Only then can we begin to take our County back, for “We the People”…

    The incompetent San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, (they had a chance to fire him, but didn’t)hires incompetent CEO, Greg Devereaux who hires incompetent people such as Mark A. Hartwig, Fire Chief who loses an age discrimination lawsuit that cost we the tax payers $704,000 plus. And it goes on and on…

    It all begins and ends with the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors not doing their jobs to protect, “We the People”…

  6. Ed Hubler:

    Let’s not forget District Attorney Mike Ramos when identifying those who we “need to get rid of” as we “clean house” and “take our county back.”

    $704,000 is a relatively small number compared to the money he has cost taxpayers.

    For example, his decision to give Colonies defendant Bill Postmus a plea deal resulted in the dismissal of the county lawsuit against CalTrans and the City of Upland, and the $26 million spent on that case was wasted.

    I continue to look forward to the day he finally has to disclose how much taxpayer money he has spent on The Colonies prosecution; some estimates are at least $15 million so far, with a several month trial still to come.

    When that retaliatory prosecution finally concludes, it might go down as the most appalling waste of taxpayer money “in decades, certainly in the history of San Bernardino County and maybe California itself.”

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