The Rancho Captain – Updated

San Bernardino County Sheriff

I noted on that the CHP is apparently investigating why the captain was let go with no charges.

I have not been following much of anything lately due to other demands on my time but I thought I would pass along what I’ve been told. My source on this is excellent but since I was not there personally, I will label this as “rumor.”

What I was told happened is that the sergeant–watch commander I believe–was with other staff when he received the call.  He made the comment, in disgust, that he had to go pick up the captain AGAIN because she got caught driving deuce AGAIN.  So that indicates to me it was at least her second offense.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out who the watch commander was on what was probably a weekday early evening.  Considering how many don’t like their captain out there, it’s hard for me to believe the name isn’t out there already.

Update:  Sheriff McMahon, as I was thinking about this situation, the old ad slogan came to mind “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”

I have not published the captain’s name but commenters on the other blog have.  Even if no one had, I think the entire department knows who she is and the relationship you and Michelle have with her and her husband.

I have no reason to doubt my sources, but to give her the benefit of the doubt, I will phrase it this way:  If the accusations, even just one of them, about this captain are true, please do something about it.  You are doing her no favors by covering it up.  Clearly, she has a problem and needs help.  You won’t be able to help her if she kills someone.  Save everyone some grief and make her go to Betty Ford.  I’ve been around the county long enough to remember high level county officials, such as Lynn Kirkhofer, being forced to go to Betty Ford in order to keep their jobs.  You should have zero tolerance for any LEO who drIves under the influence.  It is not just a mistake or poor judgment; it is a crime and it can be deadly.  And unlike anyone else in her life, you are in a position to force her to get help. You know in your heart it is the right thing to do.

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  1. You are giving McMahon good advice. Hopefully he takes it. The press won’t cover this unless there is some sort of public document or big outing. I don’t know if the CHP’s investigations are ever public. But, the public probably likes drunk drivers as much or less than they like men caught with their pants literally down. If this gets legs, and I have a feeling it could, he better have done something. These blogs get read by a lot of people, the BOS is already aware. My guess is people are scrambling and going into CYA mode. Could the Sergeant that drove her home get hung out to dry? He better be careful.

  2. You can bet the executive staff, including McMahon, all know who the sergeant is that picked her up. You can also bet that he’s been talked to by the captain in question and a few other people since all of this broke on the blogs. He also knows this shit is out here on the blogs. Now with this more “detailed” description of his supposed comments when he got the call, he’s pretty much screwed as far as his career goes, unless, when the CHP comes knocking to interview him, he plays the “I don’t recall” game and clams up to protect the captain from further embarrassment and shows he’s a “team player” and helps to continue the cycle of cover-ups. He does that and he gets a gold bar and becomes part of their club, and he’ll fit right in being a spineless, lying, lack of integrity POS.

    Or he could stand up for whats right and if these assholes try to retaliate against him, sue the crap out of them and the department. A drunk captain being protected by the department and the sergeant who saved her ass a couple of times being retaliated against by her and her executive staff friends???? You’d have attorneys breaking down the door for the case.

  3. Last time I checked, there is no law in regards to DUI that mandates and arrest.. Furthermore, to force an officer to arrest someone is in itself a violation of law.

    • What the law requires is one thing, what happens politically is another. If you know him tell him to be careful.

    • Forget the law. Talk about department policy. Drunk driving is a violation of department policy, whether you’re hooked or not. Driving a county ride while intoxicated is a violation of department policy whether you’re hooked or not. Calling a watch commander away from his official duties to help you perform personal business on county time (driving your drunk captain home from a t-stop is not a part of any job description I ever signed) is a violation of department policy whether you’re hooked or not. Being contacted by another law enforement agency as a principle in a criminal investigation and not reporting it to your immediate supervisor (in her case a DC) is a violation of department policy whether you’re hooked or not. IF she did report it to her DC, and he failed to initiate an IA, another violation of department policy. The sergeant who gave her a ride home became aware of numerous policy violations committed by her. Policy states if you become aware of another department member violating policy, you are required to report it…another policy violation. This whole episode is full of policy violations by several people and the whole thing is getting blown off because she has dinner at McMahons every week. Try being a detective or sergeant who doesn’t hang with McMahon and doing this same thing and see what happens. This whole thing stinks and is a clear example of disparate treatment and being connected has its priviledges.

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