Sheriff McMahon takes issue with Safety for All Act

Sheriff John McMahon

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon recently spoke out against the Safety for All Act, an initiative led by California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.  If the measure qualifies for the November ballot and is approved by the voters, it would prohibit possession of large-capacity military-style magazines; treat ammunition sales like gun sales; remove guns from felons; require the reporting of lost or stolen guns; and share information about prohibited people with the federal government.

In an interview with National Rifle Association (NRA) News correspondent Ginny Simone, McMahon says the law is simply not needed.  “I don’t think it is going to make any difference at all in violence in the state of California.”

McMahon, who as sheriff has increased the number of concealed weapon permit approvals in the county since taking office, says the law will criminalize citizens exercising their Second Amendment freedom.  “You’re taking normal law-abiding citizens and turning them into criminals.  The laws are all in place. Felons are not supposed to have guns.  We just need to focus on that and not create any new laws to try to restrict those that can legally possess firearms from doing so.”

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