Riddle me this Batman – Updated

San Bernardino County Sheriff

Why would a sheriff’s captain caught by the California Highway Patrol in the Cajon Pass twice driving drunk get a free pass and a free ride home from one of their subordinates?  I don’t believe the FBI is going to do anything to the sheriff’s department despite claims to the contrary.  At least I won’t believe it until it really happens.  But if it does happen, this is a perfect example of why it happens.  There are too many bad cops being allowed to break the law.

I support the department and the sheriff but this kind of crap makes it really difficult sometimes.  Blue privilege, especially blue and brass privilege, is not cool.


Update:  I admit I did not write this as clearly as I could have so let me try again.


I am NOT suggesting the FBI would investigate DUI or covering up of same.  What I am saying is this is similar to the culture of corruption that occurred in LA County that eventually escalated to the point that the FBI got involved.


In our case the FBI is already here for other reasons.  Despite those who think Mahon is going down I don’t believe that to be true.  But if he doesn’t clean things up, eventually one of these minor incidents will escalate to something bigger.  


All I’m saying is that thE DUI is a symptom of a culture where a select few have become above the law.

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  1. Not a FBI problem. Not a federal crime. But CHP headquarters is another story. Twice taken home that captain should be fired.

    • I agree. I’m not saying this specifically is a federal crime but that the fact that illegal behaviors in general keep getting swept under the rug is what has resulted in the FBI being here. You’ve got a small percentage of sworn personnel who think they are above the law. Sometimes that results in getting taken home on a DUI and sometimes that results in beating the crap out of a shackled prisoner just for the heck of it. You either enforce laws or you don’t. When you don’t and allow deputies to break the law, what’s the difference between you and a criminal?

  2. The difference is simple. When a cop needs help, another cop will die to get to him or her. All this while 99 percent of the public will stand around and video the incident with their phones. So, you have to understand when a cop contacts another cop that had one too many their reluctance to arrest. There is no statutory requirement to arrest a DUI suspect and its discretionary to to arrest a non-cop. Many cops have let citizens by with a ride home or call to be picked up. Certainly they should entertain this option when dealing with one of their own for they may be arresting the person that will be the only person coming to save them the next day.

  3. The problem is that the FBI will only look into what they will prosecute. And the local authorities turn a blind eye. The other blog seems to think the FBI will be on it all. Good luck lol….

  4. This aint FBI stuff and they would never touch it. Bottom line is she got away with it. You can bet all the top brass, McMahon, Cusimano, Williams, etc., know it happened. So does 90% of the department. Word gets around. They could still open an admin on the incident and hold her accountable for several county and department violations, which is the right thing to do, but that would never happen. I’m sure after this broke here and the other blog that the CHP is aware of this and the only ones that might be held accountable are the CHP officers who let her go, if they’re identified. CHP has passed the word to the department many times, no professional courtesy on DUI’s. Citations…sure, no problem, but DUI’s,,,absolutely NOT. DUI’s kill and maim people and they have zero tolerance for it. This has been put out in briefings many times. Zero tolerance unless you’re a captain I guess. And calling the watch commander away from his duties supervising law enforcement operations in a city as busy as Rancho so he can drive his drunk captain home from a traffic stop?????? Bullshit.

  5. And whistleblower, you’re a dumbass. You’re working patrol and you see a guy beating his wife in the car next to you. Pull em over and he’s a cop. You gonna let him go cause he might be your back down the road? Roll to a vandalism call and its a off duty cop pissed at his nieghbor. Let him go cause he might be your back one day. Roll out to a TC and its an off duty cop who’s clearly at fault. Write it fault not determined because he might be your back one day. DUI’s KILL people and CHP put out no professional courtesy on DUI’s for that reason. Cops do not have a green light to break laws because they roll to critical incidents and might be your back one day. They are hired and paid to uphold the law, Read the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics again, I know you were required to memorize and recite it in the academy. There is a specific department policy for violation of the code of ethics. Driving a county car while DUI violates numerous tenants of it. Like I said, dumbass.

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