New info on Rancho alcohol situation

San Bernardino County

Sources say that the person who leaked the information about the incident is a COP and Grand Jury member by the name of Becky.  It was only leaked after the Grand Jury District Attorney quashed the investigation.  Apparently, the Grand Jury legal assistant has been using his position to quash various investigations and influence the potential outcome of others.  In other words, he has threatened grand jurors with legal action if they insist on including truthful reports in the Grand Jury Final Report.

In this instance, the rumor is that he is pushing the District Attorney to prosecute this grand juror for violating confidentiality after the investigation was quashed.

This goes right along with rumors I’ve been hearing since news of the CFS scandal broke that CEO Greg Devereaux is working closely with the DA to quash other Grand Jury investigations.  But it gets worse.  More to come.

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