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San Bernardino County Sheriff

We had heard late last week that Ron Cochran decided to go out a month or so early.  Well, it happened.  January 23 was his last day.  It was announced late on the 22nd.  No party, no nothing.

Now we shall see if he keeps his word about spilling all the beans during his depo.  I’m sure there are some having sleepless nights.

It will be interesting to see who takes his place.  My sources say it will be Dicus.  I think it will depend on when McMahon is planning on retiring.  If it is before the end of the current term, it very well could be Dicus.  But if he plans to seek re-election, he’s got time to let Dicus really get his feet wet as a DC and prove his loyalty.

I don’t know Dicus, but I did work with his father.  As a matter of fact it was Dick who was one of the big reasons I left the department.  They say fruit does not fall too far from the tree, so I can’t say the prospect of a Sheriff Dicus excites me.

I would much rather see someone like Keith Bushey be appointed to finish out a term or elected to a single term.  Someone needs to be the surgeon and cut out the cancers division by division and then hand over the cancer-free department to yet someone else from the outside–a respected police chief or high-ranking sheriff’s official from another department.

I believe that McMahon’s heart is in the right place but the WVDC promotion and the GJ situation shows there are too many bonds that cannot be broken.  The department needs a “take no prisoners” leader for a couple of years to get rid of all of those who cannot do the job because they were promoted without adequate vetting and experience.

Anyway, we shall see what happens over the next few months.  I don’t think McMahon is going anywhere until he decides it is time to retire.  I don’t expect the FBI  probe to go much higher than sergeant.

Update:  Here is the memo announcing his retirement.  Click to enlarge.

Cochren Retirement

Cochren Retirement

6 thoughts on “Another development — Updated

  1. I know Schrader was not your choice, but an outside person, JUST LIKE LASO and LAPD, needs to come in so he/she has no debts

    • Yes you are right. I remember him by my nickname for him. Didn’t work for him for long. Between him and Klootwyk I had my fill of jackass cops.

  2. I agree, but I don’t think adequate vetting and experience is the problem. I think too many promotions were based on agreeing to play and keeping the skeletons nicely tucked away. McMahon could be a saint and there are still too many previous paybacks around for him to do anything. Too many little people advanced by doing something dirty and they are sitting there. I said it at the time, I do not believe for a second that anyone on the executive staff did not know the sins of the previous Sheriffs and the rest of them. They knew. If they were not directly involved they can survive an outsider. Bushey was qualified, but he did not stand a chance. Hopefully the BOS learned something, but I doubt it.

  3. Ron will be as quiet as a church mouse. Not a word. I know a lot of people are hoping he will “spill the beans.” We are all hoping for a Savior. A glimmer of hope, to save our beloved department from the downward spiral into the abyss that it has been plunging into. That fall is for a variety of reasons. A Superman, if you will. Sorry Ya’ll.. Not going to happen. Business as usual.

  4. I was glad to read that Cochran retired but he’s no saint that is for sure. I don’t think he will ever open the door to the room with thousands of skeletons inside belonging to current and past management. If you look at the current executive staff line up it stinks with nepotism and cronyism. I can think of several people that were promoted to captain and my first thought was WTF. In my opinion, these captains are alcoholics, womanizers and little tyrants. I work for a little tyrant that I can’t stand but I have learned to play the game and smile.

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