More Grand Jury drama

San Bernardino County

One more San Bernardino County grand juror has been released from service.  Why?  Apparently, he kept showing under the influence of alcohol early in the morning.  Wow.  How do they pick them?

Then a grand juror who should be released isn’t being released.  It seems she has leaked information from proceedings to the public.  And it seems she has a conflict of interest.  And it seems she does not even live in this county.  And finally, it seems, she has been asked not to tell anyone by the powers that be at the Grand Jury.

From what I hear, this year so many grand jurors have left, or have been removed, they do not even have 19 on the panel.  Shouldn’t that tell you something?

Also, the rumor is—and take this as a RUMOR only—that the Grand Jury did submit its findings regarding the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Captain giving alcohol to prisoners to the District Attorney’s office.  Allegedly, the DA declined to prosecute.

One thought on “More Grand Jury drama

  1. Isn’t that funny how this story comes out after the first blog post. Let’s be real here and stop the bullshit this captain is one of McMahons best friends. Quit kidding yourself Gilbert the da and sheriff are as dirty as the rest around here.

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