I am going to really tick off some people with this

San Bernardino County

I decided to take down the link to Mark’s latest grand jury story.  When I initially read it, I realized he had a source close to the grand jury or even possibly inside the grand jury.  He included some very factual information.

However, there is no one who has been closer to the DFS story than I and I knew something just did not seem right.  I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered the story Mark wrote about me.  He had about ten percent fact and another ninety percent fiction–fiction that was created in the mind of Ken Holtz and put forth as fact by Mark.

There are too many aspects to the current story that have Ken Holtz written all over them.  That leads me to believe that there is a lot more fiction in the story than I initially realized.

There is a real problem with the grand jury.  The grand jury needs to be investigated by the AG and/or FBI.  The former presiding judge needs to be investigated by the FBI as does the grand jury legal assistant.  There are documents and witnesses that can prove that.

But until there is something other than speculation, wishful thinking, personal vendetta, and the need to promote ones  skewed narrative at the expense of others, the balance of the story is pure fiction.

I guess what is bothering me the most is there is a real story of corruption here but it will be discounted and covered up due to this now looking like nothing more than vendetta.

I understand that there are those who hate Ramos and McMahon with a passion.  They may or may not be deserving of the animosity.  And the current FBI probe may prove that one way or another.  But until I see factual investigation results, I’m not willing to put forth what Mark, Ken and Jim claim.  There is too much of it that I know for a fact isn’t true.

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  1. Sharon, obviously you have the right to post or not post what you want on your own blog. And the only story I read from Mark was on the other blog. But what you propose here is that you have experise in a literary tool known as “higher criticism”. That is, you can read Mark’s writing and have such higher study of the subject matter that you can tell from what source each line came from and the intent of the person giving the information meiated through Mark.

    You could be right, but you are setting yourself on a pedistal of judgement higher than Mark. You also are setting yourself up with a monumental burden of proof to show your claim.

    Can you point out a single item in Mark’s writing that has come from Kenny? And if this does come from Kenny, can you show that it is not true?

    And if Mark has fallen into bias, can you show that you yourself are free of bias?

    I am not ticked off and I am not even perplexed. I am simply trying to hold myself to the standards of examining the sources of information that you propose.

  2. You are absolutely right. This has suspicious overtones all over it as I have personally seen by a few known individuals we all know. There are so many spins by the others it is truly pathetic. Most people actually realize this but they continue to spin everything. It’s hilarious and actually laughed at by people who actually know what’s going on. They can say what they want, but those that know the truth only laugh because their beliefs are so far off. Kenny is the absolute bafoon in all this And you are right, there are significant fingerprints all over this article from him. A total scam.

    • James Mills:

      Repairman claimed that Neil Derry was arrested, and you claimed that the motions by The Colonies defendants were rhetoric.

      Until he disappeared, Repairman stubbornly refused to admit he was wrong, and so far, so have you.

      If you do so, I might put some credence in your comments, such as the above criticism of “pathetic” spin by others.

      Until then, I wont.

  3. First, I apologize for not getting comments approved sooner. I got busy with other things.

    Now that I have had time to think about things and make some inquiries, let me tell you where this stands.

    Mark did not talk to the named grand juror at any time ever. The information about that grand juror and his “investigation” into the Sheriff’s Department is a complete fabrication, which anyone who knows anything about how the GJ works should know whether they interview a grand juror or not.

    I have every reason to believe that Mike Ramos’ attendance at the CFS planning meeting and the meeting with the PJ are also complete fabrications.

    As to all the Mexican Mafia claims, etc., about Ramos, we’ve been hearing that crap since Ramos first started going after the Colonies boys. We’ve yet to see one iota of proof.

    Now, has the SBSD been investigated by the GJ? Yes it has. Was that investigation tainted by Dauber? I have every reason to believe that is the case.

    Has CFS been investigated by the GJ? Yes. I am positive about that. Remember, the whistleblowers came to me first and I’m the one who filed the complaint. Was it tainted by Dauber? Yes it was. And I have eye witnesses to that who are not on the GJ.

    Are there other issues with the DA’s office? More than likely but we still have no proof.

    Mark’s story reflected Kenny’s narrative regarding both the GJ and SBSD. It did not include factual information Mark would have known had he real informants. I’ve been very careful with what I have released because I want those who are writing stories to do so from their own independent investigations, not from changing my words around and haphazardly guessing and filling in the blanks I have intentionally left.

    There are too many things in Mark’s story that I know to be fabrication whether he fabricated them or took someone else’s word for them. If the CFS investigation was not important to me, maybe I wouldn’t put so much effort into this. But the bottom line is there are dead babies no one seems to care about.

    And one other item I shall address. Kenny has poopooed Devereaux’s involvement and power base, which shows his absolute ignorance in what is going on in this county. On that same note, Jim touched on the dissention on the Fifth Floor but I can tell from what he wrote his source is Neil Derry. Neil is out of the loop. At least one of the accusations in that story is true but it does not scratch the surface in terms of what is going on up there. Devereaux is doing everything in his power to keep up the fascade and strong arm the BOS to also keep up the fascade that it is one big happy family delighted with the current power structure but nothing could be less truthful. At least some of the supes know the current situation is a mistake but none seem to know how to correct it gracefully without getting egg all over their faces. Devereaux still has control of enough of them that he has been able to fight off a redistribution of power but he is desperate and desperate people make mistakes when they feel they are losing their power. Devereaux has made some mistakes.

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