Quashing subpoenas in the Colonies case

Colonies Four

I’ve been meaning to post an entry on this subject for a couple of days but have been too busy with other projects.  To start with, here are the two stories in case you missed them:  Daily Press and The Sun.

Ken Holtz took me to task a bit on this matter. Actually, Kenny, I really had planned to post the Daily Press story the night it came out but completely forgot before I turned off the computer. It wasn’t until Nelson’s story that I really understood the issue and then couldn’t seem to find the time until now.

My opinion on this matter might surprise you, but it really shouldn’t. The merits of the Colonies case aside, I think I have made it very clear how I feel about Brady cops and attorneys. And I include in the list of “Brady Attorneys” the last two county counsel and several (if not more) of the deputies. The last two county counsel are the legal beagle on ice, figure skater Jean-Rene Baslé, and Ruth Stringer.

Like we’ve already seen tonight, eventually Karma catches up. County counsel (and human resources) are supposed to be there to protect the county from litigation and assure that county staff are doing things according to the law. Their job is NOT to protect elected and appointed officials in their quest for graft. Unfortunately, our last two county counsel see their job as doing what it takes to carry out political orders and helping those at the top line their pockets.

So, if Ruthie and her underling are in the hot seat in a court of law because they chose to do something they knew was unethical, so be it. I shall enjoy watching them squirm.  In my opinion, both Baslé and Stringer should be disbarred and charged criminally for all they have done while sitting as county counsel.

5 thoughts on “Quashing subpoenas in the Colonies case

  1. Well BASED on what YOU have said LATELY, NOT me, just HOW many liars and cheats does the DA and County get to put up on a witness stand and win a case against alledged liars and cheats and look like hero’s?

    What is one to say this liar and cheat is COOL because I talked to them once, but this liar and cheat is a scumbag? Really? That’s what it has come down to at this point.

    The same freakin tactics were used in the POST scandal with the Grand Jury to indict as it was in this case. DUH!

    Did you notice how the remaining charges against POST defendants went AWAY AFTER Angela Grays Civil Service hearing?

    Primary reason that is obvious or should be to some is to AVOID a preliminary hearing where one or more witnesses can be challenged and evidence attacked before going to trial. Hmm one might say preliminary hearings are a test of ones ability.

    Now if the Colonies case was the ONLY case out there or pending it would be difficult to make a argument and wrap your arms around the alledged misconduct that MIGHT have taken place

    But there is a butt load of them out there now all the way from administrative up to high profile cases.

    And the score board is NOT in favor of the regime! Not even close.

    There is a telling message in this motion to quash. It was filed by the COUNTY not the District Attorney. There is a RED FLAG!

    Is it a ALL rats on deck? We will see.

    I doubt on October 30 the defense will get to do much since others will be arguing to try and PROTECT Ruth Stringer and Mitch Norton.

    Guess this motion will be a test for Judge Smith and see if he is going to ALLOW two key witnesses to escape cross examination regarding their testimony and supplying information to investigators however slight.

    As far as I can tell Stringer and Norton have never been in the hot seat their entire career.

    Time for some hero’s and over paid hacks to show us what they got!

  2. Speaking of scumbags Sharon did you read Sam Clauders lawsuit?

    Your friend David Ellis is ALL over that suit. Hmmmm!

    We can’t forget his name being mentioned in the Duane Parkinson matter!

    No worries about Davey, he has no governmental immunity he can claim. No County Counsel to speak on his behalf. No taxpayer money. Maybe SEBA will help him?

    And we all know he is up to his lips in this case.

    Karma? Not just yet. He could be the real Teflon Don?

    Maybe he can waive his letter from the Orange County DA around clearing him twice of any misdeeds down there, and convince others in days to come he is COOL!

    Maybe Repairman would like to speak on Daves behalf?

  3. Now let me talk about your friend Agent Z who YOU mentioned by rumor was going to jail or something like that recently? I have not heard anything like that from anyone I talk to.

    You have suggested more than once Agent Z’s transfer back east was SOMETYPE of promotion for a job well done in numerous investigations in the Inland Empire. Remember that?

    You have anything official on that? Or will we see Agent Z at the October 30 motions to save the day? Surprise witnesses are surely a plus.

    YOU tell me the FBI told you our computers had been hacked by SBSD. I call the Riverside FBI to SIMPLY see if I am in fact a victim of said hacking. I believe I talk to Agent Z who has NO balls to identifie himself, can ONLY suggest I call 911 if I am in fear for myself. He hangs up when I ask specifics. I tell you about that immediately.

    YOU tell us the cops are interfering with a FBI investigation that has LONG ago concluded! Remember that?

    Here is my point. Were YOU aware that AFTER the FBI and US Attorney backed out of the Colonies case there is a motion before the 9th Circuit.

    It’s been mentioned before Judge Smith and I read it. How about you?

    I’ll continue after your response.

  4. For the record I didn’t take you to task on anything.’I simply asked if you saw the Daily Press article.

  5. There is a motion before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals from the defense asking the court to rule on the certain acts by Agent Z.

    Apperently the Federal Judge in Los Angeles would not make any specific rulings on the case as to Agent Z’s conduct and his potential lack of probable cause to get a warrant that was served on defendants home and office.

    So Agent Z has not been forgotten by some nor should he be.

    The mere fact the Feds abandon the case after ONLY 4 to 6 months of investigation should have been a serious red flag for some cheerleaders.

    This case has clearly went from awesome for some to a pending train wreck. That simple.

    I guess we will see as the motion starting October 30 brings any truth to that.

    We will see what newspapers accurately report the proceedings or try spin or ignore certain facts.

    One thing is for certain, if the Feds had prosecuted this case it might be a distant memory for many one way or the other.

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