Employees question San Bernardino County’s commitment to safety

SBCo. Board of Supervisors

San Bernardino County employees are on edge since the Dec. 2 massacre that saw one of their own, along with his wife, murder 14 and injure 22 at a county Christmas party.  Although earlier this week members of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux advised the media that the county was stepping up security services, employees say the lack of communication and coordination calls into question county officials’ commitment to safety and security.

Today, a suspicious package was discovered outside the Transition Assistance Department (TAD) on Fourth Street in San Bernardino.  That facility is 2.4 miles from the site of the massacre and just around the corner from where the FBI is conducting a search of Seccombe Lake in connection with the massacre. The assailants are known to have been in the area around the time of the massacre.

Employees in the building found out about the package via email.  The email read in totality as follows:

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3 thoughts on “Employees question San Bernardino County’s commitment to safety

  1. How can any one feel safe in downtown slumbernardino? Even before the shooting, employees have been victims of vehicle vandalism and theft, endure 5150’s allowed to roam the public areas we use for breaks and lunch, human feces in stairways to county parking lots, and more. All the while, the BOS has secure parking, covered by security cameras, and some, feel they rate armed escorts from the government center deputy. So now, the BOS, to show employees they take security seriously, plan on using armed rent a cops instead of the unarmed buffoons they currently have? Shit, I’m more afraid of getting shot by the guards then I am another home grown terrorist. And please don’t tell me they feel metal detectors will help. Maybe we should just champion telecommuting; end of problem. And that’s another thing, how many employees were asked what would make them feel safe? Typical of the county braintrust to ignore the victims.

    • Yep to all of the above. I had the stero stolen out of my car in the govt. center parking lot when I worked for BOS. If you are familiar with that area there is that parking spot on the north east corner of 4th and Mt. View in the HR parking lot. It’s right next to those old steps you can take if you don’t want to walk around. It might be reserved for the motor fleet these days but back in the day I would grab it if I could as it was shaded. One day I decided to eat lunch in my car and I sat there and watched the security guard standing on the corner selling drugs. He had a serious business set up there I could tell you a few other security guard stories from my time down there.

  2. This is very disturbing and appalling. To find out via email about a suspicious package and then not to be told about it until after the fact is totally irresponsible of those making the decision. The same people to who said that safety is number one. Really!!! I have friends that work for the county and for the most part they like their job. But, how can they feel safe at work when upper management does not really care, but claiming that safety is number one priority. It is even more upsetting to read that managers were sitting in on employees counseling….does the term HIPPA come to mind. I guess not!!! What a bunch of idiots!.

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