To those of you contacting me regarding my CFS articles and the county witch hunt

San Bernardino County

I want to thank those of you who are contacting me regarding the current scandal with the San Bernardino County Department of Children and Family Services.  I am not responding to you on purpose.  I cannot respond to you through

Generally, when I respond to contacts from my articles, I copy the email address into my iePolitics email and respond from there.  However, in this case, for your own protection, I am not going to do so.

The county is on a witch hunt.  They are far more interested in who the whistleblowers are than in addressing the issues.  The county has hacked my email in the past, and yes, there was hard, cold proof of it.  Going back to the days of Mark Uffer and since, they have tried to punish my sources.  I take a lot of precautions to protect my sources so it is best that I just read your comments and leave it alone.  But please know, I appreciate them a lot.

As to the whistleblowers, to be honest I have no clue if they are the same individuals that contacted Fox 11 or not.  I can say that the Fox 11 report did not contain any of the information I was given.  And the information I was given had names, times, places, etc., redacted.  I was not provided with any photos.  I was left with the impression it had to do with a very high profile case I’m familiar with but that case has not been mentioned in either of the Fox 11 reports.

There were a lot more accusations than just children being put in danger.  There were multiple accusations of sexual harassment by a certain supervisor/manager.  There were accusations of favoritism and hostile working environment, micro-managing case loads and expecting outcomes that could not be had.  It all centered around one specific office.

I do not know what the Grand Jury is looking at.  I did not have confirmation they were looking at anything for sure until I saw the Fox 11 report.  I do know the Grand Jury has the option of narrowing its focus on, for example, just child deaths, or looking at the department as a whole.  I have not heard if or who they interviewed so I really don’t know the focus.  I do know there have been rumors outside of the Grand Jury that there are some very concerned management types.  But who knows if that is wishful thinking by employees or fact.

Unfortunately, I did not keep a copy of a single thing I turned over to the Grand Jury.  The day it all went down I went to the library and printed out the blank Grand Jury complaint forms.  I then went to the Coco’s on Hospitality and had lunch while I filled them out.  From there I went to the courthouse and turned them in.  The attachments I was given were voluminous.  I did not have the money, time or energy to make copies.

For those of you not friends with me on Facebook, you probably don’t know I have a severe case of Fibromyalgia with quite of few of the other ailments that go along with it.  Summer is hell for me and this was in July during a heat wave.  I almost passed out walking from my truck parked in the County Government Center parking lot to the courthouse.  I remember going into the County Government Center afterwards to the restroom and practically taking a bath with the cold water in the sink in order to cool down because I was in such bad shape. I was beet red and on the verge of collapse. The janitor hung around because either they thought I was a homeless person or a person in great distress. I’m not sure which. I was in great distress.

My point in writing this is that if anyone wants to see what the whistleblowers sent to me, they need to contact the Grand Jury. That is where it is at.  I can’t help you.

But, I will respond to one accusation.  The whistleblowers who contacted me were definitely NOT terminated employees.  And they were not necessarily SSPs but would be considered “professionals.”  I see all of the assumptions being made, and at least in the case of what was provided to me, they are wrong.  Perhaps they are true when it comes to those who contacted Fox 11, but that is not the information I turned over to the Grand Jury.  Sorry to disappoint the apologists.

Anyway, I have other things I need to take care of today, but there will be more stories tomorrow or perhaps later this evening.  Check back when you have time.  And thank you for your readership and support.  I’m glad I am not the only one offended by the way the county is handling this latest scandal.

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