This comment was placed on one of my CFS stories on Facebook tonight — Updated

Juvenile Dependency Court

Update:  Thankfully cooler heads prevailed.  The girl was placed with her mother in Las Vegas.  I did not post the photos that were supplied, but the photos of her father and his home were scary.  The place was filthy and he clearly had something wrong with him.  The photos with all his guns were especially scary considering he did not look mentally stable.  I do not understand any judge forcing a 17-year-old dying girl to live with a father she obviously hates when her mother, who appears to be much more mentally stable, wanted her.

It was written in a public forum so I am not redacting anything.  I am concerned but I don’t know how to help.

Here is the comment in full:

Wednesday aireana balderrama ran away from her abusive father. Her mother’s Attourney filled with the Victorville court an emergency hearing to take the child out of the fathers care. Judge Khymberli Apaloo ordered the minor child back to the father stating a 17 year-old is not going too dictate what happens in my court room. When the mother took the child to drop her off at the court house Aireana ran past the father into a deputys arms screaming and begging not to got back with the father. They shut the courthouse down at about 11:30 yesterday because of this. Instead of helping the child the deputies forced her to go with the father. The mother filled a restraining order with the court because of an incident that happened on December 13 2015. Where the father assaulted the mother and kidnapped me shane schwei, the mother jennifer rosenquist,. Her 70 year old father Bud rosenquist and all the children. We filled a police report but not before a san bernardino sheriff’s deputy refused to take the report and his sergeant had to order him to take the report. The report number is 191509326. Now I want to state that the father is from the high desert has multiple friends and family in the san Bernardino county sheriff’s department in Hesperia. One of them is deputy Lucas Mullinax another is deputy Jasmine Sanchez. And there are more but we don’t know there name’s. Last night the judge granted the restraining order for myself and Jennifer but not for the kids. After the police officer served the father Charles Balderrama with the restraining order Aireana called and said I ran away again can you pick me up at the library. We picked her up and she told us after the officer served him he came in and punched her in the mouth. She pretended to take a shower and she kicked out the screen and proceeded to climb through the small bathroom window and run away. We took her to the sheriff’s department in san Bernardino afraid to take her to Hesperia because of his family and friends. The watch commander in san Bernardino called Hesperia where sgt avilla told us to come back to Hesperia we spent all night with a deputy and child protective services. at the end of the night the deputy said cps said bring her back to the father. The deputy said he’s not willing to enforce that and he said if it was up to him Charles would be arrested but his sgt, sgt avilla ordered him not to. Let me tell you about Aireana. She is terminally ill she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was 12 years old. Since then she has went through some of the most horrible illnesses she is seventeen but looks to be about 12. She some how manages to stay so positive she is truly a miracle she is one of the most amazing children I have ever met she brings so much joy to everyone she comes in contwith with. We are crying out for someone to help someone to listen and get her story out there. Please. My number is 702-712-7474. Or 702-273-7436. I’m attaching some pictures of proof I file and sent evidenced multiple times and the sheriff’s office has still not completed the report the sgt claims he gave the video and pic to the deputy but it still has yet to make it into the report. And the DA still he’s not received any report from December 13. I’m sending pics of the restraining order and more we can set up an interview with you and the child if you want or we can record an interview ave send it. Please help

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  1. We will be at the victorville courthouse tomorrow art 8:00 am if anyone wants to come show support that Would be great

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