Fox Los Angeles is running a story on CFS tonight

Juvenile Dependency Court

I know Mike Ramos was interviewed for this segment.   I hear there might be another small surprise.  I don’t have TV so I can’t watch.

8 thoughts on “Fox Los Angeles is running a story on CFS tonight

  1. I have a TV and will not be watching.

    I have no interest whatsoever in anything District Attorney Mike Ramos has to say, particularly when its presented in a TV interview or a press conference.

    In my opinion, he continues to be a disgrace to the profession.

    • A little birdie tells me you of all people might want to watch this and then come back and tell us what you think.

  2. Administrator:

    I’ll absolutely check it out, although tonight I’m tied up with North Carolina / Duke, the best rivalry in College Basketball.

    If Mike Ramos says or does something positive, I’ll definitely say so. But I did see the segment on ABC TV where he wanted to let a nanny caught on camera abusing an infant off with probation, until a judge stepped in and overruled it. He absolutely has an uphill battle in my mind to be considered an objective “crime fighter,” as he represented himself in the last election.

    I’ll track down the episode tomorrow and report back.

    • LOL. You’re making an assumption that may not be correct. If what I’m told is true, you may be “pleasantly” surprised. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say as someone who is not close to this investigation.

  3. I missed the episode, do you have a link by chance to see it, or direct me in the right direction?
    Thank you, I do want to see what is happening.

  4. Administrator:

    For some reason I could not get the sound to work on this segment on my computer, but according to the accompanying article Mike Ramos is denying that his office is using the threat of prosecution for intimidation.

    The initial flaw in that argument is past history. For example, I believe that any objective evaluation of the Neil Derry prosecution, such as comparing the alleged single act by Mr. Derry that triggered felony charges to the three acts by Mike Ramos that triggered FPPC fines, clearly establishes that it was a selective and retaliatory prosecution. In response to Repairman’s demand that I explain why Josie Gonzales would lie about seeing Jeff Burum in China, I suggested that perhaps she was afraid that if she didn’t Mike Ramos would come after her like he went after Neil Derry. I was only half kidding.

    Another flaw in this particular case is that the party who allegedly did the intimidating refused to comment, citing “confidentiality laws.” Instead, we get a general denial from Mike Ramos. I place more weight on a claim by a person identified by name who identified another person by name who made the alleged statements than I do on a claim by a third party who wasn’t even there that it didn’t happen.

    This CFS scandal is clearly a horrible situation if true, and I would like to think that Mike Ramos would objectively investigate it, and, if violations of the laws are discovered, vigorously prosecute it. If he does so I will applaud him. Until that time, my feeling about him remains the same. The case with the nanny abusing the infant reported by ABC-TV establishes in my mind that Mr. Ramos claim to be a “crime fighter” was just campaign rhetoric.

    I’ll try to get to a computer with sound to see his interview. If I feel any differently after that, I’ll say so.

  5. You got the gist of it. I was curious to see if someone not particularly involved in the investigation would see the obvious contradiction and understand the significance. The two interviews were only seconds long and often people don’t pay enough attention to what was actually said to realize what they just heard and the ramifications.

  6. Interesting how Ramos sidestepped the question when he was asked, “Are you saying the sources are lying?” He comes across as a politician trying to hide something

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