CFS scandal video

Juvenile Dependency Court

Here is the report from Fox News

I could not embed the video from my phone but will do it in the morning.

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  1. I totally agree that CFS is still leaving children in unsafe homes and that a child has died because of them.

  2. Honestly? No. I know there are those who put that out there but what is in that for the AG? She is running for US Senate. Her name is being put out there as a US Supreme Court appointment. She has nothing in the world to gain by sullying her reputation by having an affair with anyone, but especially someone without considerable political clout. I mean Obama seemed to have the hots for her. She would at least get something out of that. But not Mike. And quite honestly, I see her as the type who wants to do things on her own accord, not sleep her way to the top.

    • Ramos goes up to Sacramento regularly to meet with her they have late-night dinners and drinks in the bowl sometime stay in the same hotel. They are very very close.

    • She did endorse him with a big hug, even though they don’t belong to the same party. Affair, who knows, but they seem friendly and one has to wonder why she would cross party lines. That is unusual.

  3. I will admit to not following this story. Correct me if I’m wrong: employees of CFS have knowingly (should have known) placed children in environments in which they were subsequently subjected to child abuse to include death, which would ordinarily trigger second degree murder. If this is true, what the hell is the sheriff doing? Has he initiated criminal investigations of CFS and culpable employees? California Penal Code offers no defense for CFS and its employees to aiding and abetting crimes against children, which would expose CFS and its culpable employees to prosecution as principals.

    San Francisco County DA’s office successfully prosecuted two lawyers for second degree murder because the two principals knew their two dogs were dangerous to human beings. The principals’ two dogs did kill a woman. So who are the dogs harming children at CFS?

    The DA has no immunity from the felony of dissuading witnesses to crimes. The AG can and should prosecute him for CPC 136:

    136.1. (a) Except as provided in subdivision (c), any person who
    does any of the following is guilty of a public offense and shall be
    punished by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year
    or in the state prison:
    (1) Knowingly and maliciously prevents or dissuades any witness or
    victim from attending or giving testimony at any trial, proceeding,
    or inquiry authorized by law.

  4. I was told to accept the charges from cfs worker Christina Morales in Gifford office in San Bernardino or I would not see my children.

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