Well I’m disappointed

Colonies Four

The long awaited Daily Journal article is posted on the other blog.  You know, the article that was supposed to put to shame The Sun, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, and Daily Press, 

For those not familiar with the Daily Journal, it is the Wall Street Journal for judges and lawyers.  It is written by those with a good knowledge of the law.

Well, I guess Larson is going to have to spoonfeed another pile of baloney to Gutglueck if he wants the article to say what we were told this article was going to say.

I’m not sure this is going to work as I’m doing this from my phone, which made me download the article to read it, but you might find the article here:  Attorneys-argue-over-key-motion-in-corruption-case-122115Q. If it doesn’t work, Jim has it front and center on his blog.

5 thoughts on “Well I’m disappointed

  1. The Daily Journal is not the Wall Street Journal. It’s a legal newspaper out of Los Angeles.

    • My response to you was going to be “Can’t you read?” but fortunately I looked at the entry first. Half my paragraph had disappeared–one of the pitfalls if blogging from my phone. It’s corrected, so thank you for pointing it out.

      For anyone still confused, I was comparing the DJ to the WSJ in terms of specialization and quality. In other words, it is a respected publication.

  2. Why Sharon, you sound upset. Please say it isn’t so! This article sounds half way decent. That’s from a defense standpoint of course.

    But I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder of course.

    • Upset? You are kidding, right? Amused. Laughing. That would be more like it.

      It’s a well written article and I would not expect anything less from the Daily Journal. But it is hardly the barn burner Kenny led us to expect.

      It tells very little new other than some of the prosecution’s argument against the motion to dismiss. What was that claim about a four-hour PowerPoint presentation decimating the prosecution. I still see no mention of that.

      This article will do nothing to sway public opinion in favor of the defense. As a matter of fact 99.99999 percent of the general public will never see it.

      So the latest sinking of the Titanic was yet another flop. When Smith dismisses all charges and the prosecution fails to get his ruling overturned, then let’s have the discussion about Sharon being upset. Until then, it is my belief Erwin is going to prison. I won’t make the same prediction about the others because I do believe there is some wiggle room with them.

    • Oh, BTW, did you note that this story also clearly stated the trial was continued due to the health concerns of DEFENSE counsel? I thought we were supposed to be told it was continued at the request of the DA?

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