Tuesday’s Lamberto update – Updated Again

Andrew Lamberto

In some ways the Andrew Lamberto scandal died down today but not by much.  What we lacked in quantity was made up for in quality.  Four newspapers and KFI continued with their coverage on the scandal.

The best of the best today came from Lauren Leichliter, president of SEBA, the union representing the San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies.  If you don’t read any other, read this one.  It covers a lot of points other publications missed.  It was printed in the Highland Community News.

Cassie MacDuff came through as well.  She actually spoke with San Bernardino County CEO Greg Devereaux.  Her pieces are always intelligent and well written but she seems to have lost that fire in her gut she once had.  In a bygone era, she would have called for the termination of both Lamberto and Devereaux.  She did not today.  But at least she used an appropriate photo! Here is her column.

Shea Johnson redeemed himself tonight in my book.  He interviewed two candidates for the First District, Rick Roelle and Bill Holland.  Both weighed in on Lamberto scandal.  They both called for Devereaux’s firing.  And, the Daily Press finally admitted who broke this story.  Thanks for the plug.  Here is his story.

Finally, the Los Angeles Times got into the act.  There is not anything new in its story but it is important simply by virtue of the fact it is the Los Angeles Times.  Here is the link.

KFI continued with its coverage both as a news item and on the Bill Handel Show.  I cannot verify if this link works, but here is what I sent for a clip.

And finally, Jim has another story on his blog.

Someone sent this to me.  It’s what you get when Google Lamberto’s personal email address.

Update:  I found one more story.  I guess Mark Gutglueck couldn’t wait until his next edition.  I don’t blame him.  Here is the link to his story.

I found yet another.   This one is pretty funny.  It is over on CactusThorns.


8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Lamberto update – Updated Again

  1. Thanks again Sharon!

    Another interesting note; the county’s website has a press release link, yet none of the Lamberto press releases are there!

    News, they don’t want you to know!

  2. Writing a article in the Highland News? Laren’s article will get more reads on the blogs than in Highland.

    Andrew Lamberto and Michael Eagleson? Peas and carrots!

    Since there are so many things that have happened, more than a few with SEBA in the last 3 years I find this article opportunistic at best.

    The most recent is the Motor Cops lawsuit where SEBA refused to assist those guys. The ringleader in that, Michael Eagleson.

    You really think Laren will bark hard at the CEO? Not hardly.

    You think Laren would blow the whistle if Lamberto had been arrested in this County and they covered it up? Not hardly.

    It wasn’t to long ago the SEBA Board voted Phil Duper a board member OUT! He didn’t lock step like the others.

    So this article has about as much bite as a toothless poodle!

  3. Query: where can a concerned citizen find out about the “super majority clause” in Devereaux’s contract?

    I presume a super majority is 2/3 or in the case of the BOS 4 of 5? Does that mean if 4 of 5 members of the BOS vote to fire Devereaux, Devereaux is out with no strings?

    If that is the case who are the BOS Devereaux supporters and who wants him out? Inquiring minds want to know with elections next year!

    • I will post his contracts as soon as I get a free moment to do the research. It will take four votes to fire him and it has to be for something very serious. As to which supervisors would vote to fire him. I think Josie and Curt would, or at least to strip him of the CEO title and end the non-interference clause. Janice is his biggest supporter. Possibly she would vote to fire him only not to be on the losing end of a 4-1 vote but she would never be one of the four. I think the next best bet is Ramos. There have been a lot of rumors of Dev and the COS clashing. Finally, Lovingood possibly could, but it is unlikely. Dev seems to have very firm grips on him.

  4. I read some where Devereaux said there was NO RULE or procedure in effect for him to advise the BOS of Lamberto’s arrest, BUT if the BOS wants that in the future it’s no problem? REALLY?

    What a LAME explanation for such an experienced Executive.

    Common sense continues to elude the leaders.

    Can’t wait for these leaders to impress us on the witness stand!

    Pay this POS off and send him packing.

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