Today’s update on the Lamberto situation

Andrew Lamberto

I have to say “thank you” to everyone who made some of what happened today happen.  In case you haven’t noticed, three newspapers, one Los Angeles television station, and one Los Angeles radio station all ran Andrew Lamberto stories.  A couple of them were brutal.

I can happily say that we are responsible for helping two of those reports happen–the two big ones.  I will let you guess as to which ones they were.

As to the others, I have to say someone at The Sun has finally grown a pair back.  The editorial they posted tonight is brutal. It reminds me of the good old days when looking at The Sun was the first thing we did every morning.  They have lost their way, thanks in part to all the paid advertising from the County of San Bernardino and San Manuel.  Welcome back boys.  Hope you stick around for a while.  Here is the link.

Ryan Hagen also posted a new story.  And I must thank you Ryan for linking back to my story on this blog.  I appreciate it.

The Victor Valley Daily Press ran their version of the story.  As usual, it seems more like something Don Holland wrote for them to protect Supervisor Robert Lovingood.  Just once I would like to see a story that reflects poorly of Supervisor Bob and speaks the truth rather than glosses over it.  Here is that link.

And finally, there was a lackluster story in the Press Enterprise.  Where is Cassie MacDuff and her outrage?  We are all counting on her to call a spade and a spade on this one.  Here is that story.  They really should have used a different photo of Supervisor James Ramos.  He looks like he just got lucky along with Andrew.  There are times for big grins.  Prostitutes stories are not one of them.

I have not heard the reports on KFI.  If anyone is able to provide me with the audio clip, please do and I will post it.  But again thank you Steve and thank you to all of those who responded to my request to contact KFI to get this story out there.

Last, but not least, Gina Silva from Fox News Los Angeles came through again.  Thank you Gina for the plug!  If you have not seen the video from her report tonight, here you go:

I mentioned in another post that I was sure Lamberto had been promoted to something above Human Resources Director.  I finally found proof of that.  Here is a snippet from his rèsumé.  He lists his job title as of 2009 as “Director of Human Resources/Executive Administrator.”  I remember then-CAO Mark Uffer working on that for him.  If I remember correctly, at the time they were going to also give him Vehicle Services, which made no sense whatsoever.

But the most important part of this document is what Lamberto wrote as his duties as part of this position:

Serve as principle assistant to and act on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Supervisors on a variety of administrative matters.

After reading that how can anyone say that notifying the Board of Supervisors was not required?  No one, and I mean NO ONE, in their right mind would think that board members would not want to know that the person acting on their behalf got busted for soliciting a prostitute.  Here is his entire rèsumè:  Lamberto Resume

5 thoughts on “Today’s update on the Lamberto situation

  1. Boy, wouldn’t it be sweet if both Lamberto and Devereaux went down on this; you’d almost believe some kind of justice had returned to San Bernardino!

    and 3 cheers for you Sharon, none of this would be out there if not for you! Kismet! What goes around, comes around!

  2. I would bet that Andrew Lamberto was trolling for the said prostitute on a county computer on county time being that March 27th was a Friday – however we will never know that because his friend at ISD whom would be in charge of discovering that is none other than Andrews close friend Jake Cordova . In case you haven’t already read in previous comments on this blog Jake Cordova had an affair with one of his employees ( while both were married to other people) and when caught numerous times canoodling on county property on county time he promoted her and moved her to the Government center – where his buddy Andrew works . That promotion passed up many employees who are 100 times more qualified than her, and to cover the cost of her promotion he had to demote one guy out of his department to accommodate his mistress … It has been made perfectly clear as to why ISD had to report to Andrew Lamberto , he needed to cover his tracks and protect his fellow sexual predators like Current ISD Division Chief Joe Sutcliffe who had to be moved twice over the people he was in charge of because of the reports against him for both sexual and non-sexual harassment , and there is another ISD Division Chief Ken Johnson also picked up for prostitution and never disciplined . Then there is Randy Miller, another ISD Division Chief having an affair with one of his employees – again while both were married to other people , when discovered she gets moved and promoted as well, and to make this promotion happen yet another employee is demoted and moved. I can go on and on about the people who have been disciplined,demoted, and moved for reporting these incidents , but the BOS need to do a full investigation of their own and start at ISD and right the many wrongs that have been allowed and condoned by Andrew Lamberto. Insist on looking at Andrews computer usage and simply just look at the qualifications of the Division Chiefs like Jake & Joe I’m pretty sure you’ll find that they didn’t have much more than a high school diploma and no technical schooling when they were appointed to their management positions in the tech industry, but Andrew Lamberto has been re-writing positions for years for ISD so that unqualified candidates can qualify for positions that they don’t belong in to begin with. ISD is the backbone of the county. That being said we need to get rid of some of the dead weight once and for all.

  3. Wow, you seem to have a lot of info, why can’t we as a whole fight back and do something about this ungodly situation Most of us just go to work to earn a paycheck. If I knew I could have gotten a promotion like you mention I would have gone after that old broken down ass of a supervisor of mine. Just kidding.

  4. I think the Board of Supervisors understands that in Andrew Lambertos position and having the kind of moral and ethical defects that he clearly has shown with his arrest, that he has obviously allowed a lot of terrible things be perpetrated on to the county employees for many years , this isn’t just about his conviction and arrest for one incident. I think the Board of Supervisors realize there’s a trail of issues that he has caused and that they can’t undo – but they sure as heck can try to make it right by simply getting rid of him and taking the reins back from Devereaux . Hopefully after firing Lamberto some of the department heads of the effected employees can clean up some of their own issues that Lamberto has caused and allowed. Sharon again – thank you for bringing this to light.

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