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San Bernardino County

I just read comment No. 28 on the story on Jim’s blog that includes information about the Grand Jury.  That only scratches the surface, although from what I’ve heard, it is correct.  But it is far deeper than that.  It involves a county official who is close to a presiding judge.  It involves the GJ legal advisor. It involves a lot more than meets the eye. And from there you can draw your own conclusions.

Unfortunately, those who want to come forward, remain scared to do so.  When I say they have been threatened, I am not kidding.

I’m very frustrated because this story needs to be told.  It is one thing for there to be corruption in the civil service commission.  That is an inside baseball situation.  Yes, of course, voters should care, but they don’t.  They may hear about an $850,000 settlement, think about it for 30 seconds, and then get on with getting dinner ready or their kid to soccer practice.

But corruption in the courts in another thing altogether.  The courts are supposed to mete out justice, not be as corrupt as every other government agency.  I think this is a story that would get traction if only we could get it out there.  Until those who want to come forward have an attorney they can talk to that they feel is on their side and assures them they can, in fact, talk, nothing is going to happen.  The FBI will look at their story.  I’ve already checked.  I don’t know how to give witnesses peace of mind to come forward.

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  1. I have court documents that establishes collusion between a now retired San Bernardino Superior Court Judge and a Deputy District Attorney, and between Justices on the Fourth Appellate District, Division Two, and a Deputy Attorney General. E-mail me if your interested: ray.ray6172@gmail.comes

    • I have also been subjected more than once by corrupt judges and have doc’s

  2. A friend of the sheriff’s dept tried to kill me and stated he will finish job. Sheriff’s dept covered it up, including I A. I now live in fear of both

  3. I want my justice but it seems I don’t know the right people (San bernardino connection cliques) I am not scared of those who have the upper hand and their power of manipulation. I am scared to see the vision of those who created my country be stripped from it’s only true values and power. This country was supposed to be a place of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not of money and power and pushing those who are powerless or belittling their humanity. I want to be able to look for justice and not have to worry about who is really out there to serve and protect ( actual justice )

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