Supervisor Lovingood unable to muster enough votes to terminate Devereaux

SBCo. Board of Supervisors

According to some of his constituents, San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert “Bob” Lovingood was leading the charge to oust San Bernardino County Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux.   Devereaux was invited to a special closed session of the Board of Supervisors this morning to discuss his discipline after it was discovered two weeks ago he kept embarrassing information regarding one of his subordinates from the members of the Board of Supervisors.

Devereaux was notified in March of this year that county Human Resources Director Andrew Lamberto was arrested for soliciting a prostitute.  Lamberto was caught in a sting operation, and upon his conviction in August, his name was added to the Orange County District Attorney’s sex purchaser data base.

Lamberto often acts on behalf of the board of supervisors as he also serves as the county’s executive administrator.  Despite the embarrassment such a matter could cause supervisors, Devereaux kept the supervisors in the dark about the arrest until the information came to light on a local blog,

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15 thoughts on “Supervisor Lovingood unable to muster enough votes to terminate Devereaux

  1. Is this the same Robert Lovingood who ran on a anti corruption platform during his campaign for District Supervisor?

    The same Lovingood who told us HE would get Jim Erwin’s pension for his malfeasance while in office? Pretty stupid comment on a CHARGED defendant versus convicted.


    Lovingood couldn’t carry Devereaux or Erwin’s water in real life experience when it comes to making a case on anything except the price of lunch at the Green Tree Inn.

    Mr. Lovingood’s notable accomplishments right along with the other BOS members to date ARE???

    SEBA committed political suicide on this little adventure.

    They threw a rock at an Abrams tank.

    Now we will see if Lamberto and Devereaux tag team the clowns!

    SEBA should have been chipping away at the CEO after the first rounds of negotiations with Devereaux long ago.

    It’s obvious others duped SEBA into all this.

  2. The Board should have at the very least change the management structure back to CAO to send a stronger public message on who Devereaux works for. As it is they really missed their chance to say ‘not on my watch’. Devereaux kept a crime against women secret which shows he feels the same way about women as Lamberto. Good ole boy network is still alive no matter what happens to Lamberto.

    • That’s an excellent point (crime against women). I feel another editorial coming on.

  3. Crimes against women??

    She is selling her body and she is a victim? Not unless she has a gun to her head or a pimp who beats her butt for not working and producing.

    Let’s not create false narratives as to this case.

    Yeah we know about the young girls who are FORCED into prostitution and that is NOT the case here unless there is evidence Lamberto has engaged in such conduct.

    No female victim here it was a police sting operation. HUGE difference.

    Let’s be real!

  4. Now does anyone know how many sting operations SBSD has employed combating prostitution recently?

    How many massage parlors shut down?

    How many child prostitution rings busted up?

    How many prostitutes arrested where ever?

    How about human smuggling rings from Mexico?

  5. Of course this is a crime against women! Do you seriously think this is the first time he’s done this?Seriously. He just got caught! What he does on his own time is his business, I get that. Unless, of course, his off duty conduct poses a nexus to the job duties he is expected to perform. In this case, it does.

    I would even bet women have been promoted, hired, step advanced based on their relationship with him. Quid pro quo??? I’m sure this is the culture in HR and other departments throughout the county. It was when I was there. All this corruption clean-up talk means nothing unless change is seen.

    • By all means explain how this is a crime against women? Explain how a willing participant for PROFIT many times in one night, 7 days a week is a victim?

      Never seen a police report with a V (victim) next to the prostitutes name. It’s always been S (suspect) the victim is the State of California.

      UNLESS a rape has occurred and I have seen that.

      Never seen a prostitute fight a case against herself and win after claiming they are a victim.

      I am sure a few cases are out there but not from recent memory.

      As to your last paragraph YEAH happens all the time in every entity. Your point?

  6. Kenneth,
    Lamberto didn’t know it was a sting. He believed he was hooking up with a woman for paid sex. I would estimate that 95+% of women in the trade are ‘managed by someone that takes the money and gives her a only enough to barely eat/live but never enough to escape. That is sexual slavery and makes her a victim. Devereaux has shown that at his core he is a good ole boy who sees women the same as Lamberto. If he didn’t he would have let Lamberto go and informed the Board immediately. That’s what leaders are supposed to do.

  7. In my opinion, this is similar to Watergate: the cover-up was far more serious than the crime.

    It should be clear to everybody capable thinking objectively, and maybe even Red Anon and Repairman, that the County had no intention of disclosing the arrest or conviction to the Board of Supervisors or the Public. They only did so when they were caught, and I find their excuse for not doing so to be very weak.

    Speaking of Repairman, I wonder if he is satisfied with James Ramos response. Although its speculation, which I try to avoid, if Neil Derry was still on the Board of Supervisors, I think he would have had a far more aggressive response to both the act and the cover-up.

    • Observer of Facts it should be obvious by now since certain people expressed concern on this who haven’t expressed concern BEFORE on issues that impact the public and employees you should be suspect.

      Timing is everything.

      Not taking anything away from this incident did you see any significant outrage from anyone important on the CPS scandal that was reported here and on Channel 11? SEBA is concerned about prostitutes and those who buy them, but NOT abused children?

      Just connect the dots on who spoke up on this and who they are close to?

      You didn’t see this type of concern on the James Ramos’s aid being arrested for smuggling drugs into the jail did you? Not much media hype.

      I’ll admit the aid doesn’t have the same status as Lamberto and the aid was fired immediately, but WHO spoke on behalf of James Ramos on all that?

      SEBA’s spending their money with 3 different papers, putting out their sudden concerns about transperancy is a red flag. Laughable if you have paid attention.

      Hopefully we will see why all this happened soon.

      I seriously doubt a citizen or a everyday employee leaked this.

      When people are more concerned about prostitutes and those who use them than INNOCENT people being charged with crimes and life’s being destroyed like Sam Clauder, simple minds are the ones the politicians love.

  8. You don’t think there is prostitution on the reservation? Speaking of that subject, when have you seen the county sheriff run a sting for prostitution?

    • No crime on the reservation Sarge. Those cases we read about in the last couple years are simply a abberation.

      We should thank the Federal authorities and outside agencies who brought the ONLY real crime committed on the Rez to the publics attention.

  9. Can you believe that SEBA wants to put Dave Ellis on the payroll as a political adviser?

    Guess he interviewed with the SEBA Board yesterday.

    Imagine that.

    Another dot connected!

    David going to help get the Deputies a 20% pay raise?

    Let’s jack Devereaux up and he will just open the checkbook?

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