Supervisor Lovingood leading charge to can Devereaux tomorrow

Supervisor Bob

You can’t make this stuff up.  Multiple sources are telling iePolitics that San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood claims he is leading the charge to fire Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux during tomorrow’s closed-session disciplinary hearing. Sources say he is trying to gather the support in light of the revelation less than two weeks ago that Devereaux withheld information from the Board of Supervisors that the county’s Human Resources Director/Executive Administrator was busted for trying to buy a prostitute who turned out to be a cop.  Ooops.

Lovingood is up for re-election in June 2016.  He is expected to have a number of challengers.  Town of Apple Valley mayor, Rick Roelle, and Hesperia Mayor Pro Tem, Bill Holland, have called for Devereaux to be fired.  At this time Roelle and Holland are the only two declared candidates running for the seat currently held by Lovingood but several more are expected to declare right after the first of the year.

Lovingood ran on an anti-corruption platform.  So far, he has not proven he can live up to his campaign promises.  We shall see if tomorrow is a first or just another failed attempt at leadership.

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  1. Ethical org vs ethics-free org: Taco Bell immediately fires marketing executive for uber driver attack, a non-work related crime.
    San Bernardino County hides crimes committed by highest managers claiming the crime ‘unrelated to the work’. The crime was sexual trafficking and the criminal is the head of human resources and the acting CEO when needed. Anyone see a problem here?

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