Stephen Larson and Jeff Burum have lost control again

Colonies Four

Can you say desperate?  We suspected it would be short-lived and it was.  What are we talking about?  We are talking about the threats, etc., made on the other blog against anyone and everyone involved with the prosecution of the Colonies Four.  There was a pretty good run at keeping the subject, and the threats and intimidation, off of that blog but it did not last.

To use a term the other blog likes a lot, the trunk monkeys are at it again and have been for a number of weeks.  It is beyond me why a defendant in a criminal case–a criminal case that includes accusations of blackmail and extortion–would publicly antagonize the person(s) prosecuting him and his co-defendants.

Of course, it is not as blatant as before.  Now things are mostly labeled as “interesting story” with a link to said interesting story, usually by Neil Derry’s group or Mark Gluglueck.  And then the comments start, of course none with the administrator’s name on it.  They are pseudonyms of said administrator or from those who Erwin feeds one-sided information.

BTW, just because I label something a “rumor,” it’s pretty stupid to call it “bull shit” when all you are getting is one side of the story.  I label lots of things as “rumors” to protect my sources.  That doesn’t mean they are rumors.  Sometimes, they are hard, cold facts as in the recent case.  But that fact would not make the Colonies Four look so good.

Anyway, I’m sure the defense is arguing that they can win over jurors–or poison the jury pool–with all of the negative comments and stories about District Attorney Mike Ramos and the prosecution and its witnesses.  In reality, all they are doing is strengthening everyone’s resolve to see this through and get convictions.

Larson is supposedly being paid $800 an hour for his sage advice.  I have to wonder where intimidating witnesses and trying to influence jurors comes in as sage legal advice.  I’d say the tactic only makes them appear desperate and unsure of their defense.

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