Someone just sent this to me anonymously – Could it be? – Updated

Andrew Lamberto

Only in my wildest dreams I’m sure.  But if anyone knows anything, let me know. Update: I’ve confirmed city and age. Unfortunately, there is no booking photo, because you know I’d plaster that thing all over creation. As one of my union contacts just said, “AND he is known as a big PERV!”

Well, yes he is. I remember when he went after some ISD folks.  They got into his county email and found out he was having an affair with someone in the Auditor Controller’s office.  This is priceless.  After what Andrew Lamberto did to me and hundreds of others, this is just perfect.  I so hope it is true.

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2 thoughts on “Someone just sent this to me anonymously – Could it be? – Updated

    • What we are trying to figure out beyond a shadow of a doubt is if that is him for sure. I’ve checked databases and that is his age and residence. He is the only person listed by that name in Orange County.

      Did Devereaux cover it up for him and not tell the BOS even after he was convicted?

      This kind of an arrest is a big deal for a county official. The county is taking a hard stand against human trafficking. His still being employed flies in the face of everything the county claims it is doing to protect the victims of human trafficking and it shows what complete hypocrites the BOS members are. Assuming this is him, this is really outrageous.

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