Someone asked me if I am ‘happy’ that Lamberto is terminated

Andrew Lamberto

I am happy that he will no longer be there to hurt anyone else.  But unlike all of those he has hurt, and there have been hundreds of employees that fall into that category, he will get six months and two weeks of full pay from what we can tell.  Who knows if there is additional financial rewards for his misbehavior.  Most of those that he hurt have to live with the financial ruin and the emotional stress he caused us.  So, no, I’m not that happy.  But at least in the end, good did triumph over evil, even if he is being rewarded for it.

But, in reality, he is not the real culprit here.  The real culprit is County Executive Officer Greg Devereaux.

Why do you think Devereaux protected Lamberto?  The answer is easy.  Lamberto was Devereaux’s hatchet man just like he was for former County Administrative Officer Mark Uffer. He was someone with no morals and who would do whatever, legal or otherwise, to take out Devereux’s detractors.  Now we shall see who fills the void for Devereaux.

I might actually be happy if, and when, the board of supervisors sees fit to can Devereaux, take away his title, and repeal the non-interference ordinance.  Until then, “transparency” is nothing but lip service.  The board has proven it is not capable of transparency or ridding itself of the criminal element.

Lovingood will be gone in just over a year.  And, I suspect Rutherford will be gone in three years.  But that is not good enough.  Devereaux needs to be gone too.


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