SEIU Local 721 protests SBCo.’s inaction; SBCo. attempts new spin

SEIU Protest

This past Thursday Service Employees International Union Local 721 held a news conference and protest in front of the San Bernardino County Government Center in San Bernardino, Calif. Protesters called for the termination of the county’s chief of human resources, Andrew Lamberto, and chief executive officer, Greg Devereaux, saying that the county’s leaders should lead by example and there should be zero tolerance for those that break the law and those that cover up lawlessness.

“Here we are again, telling our leadership how to behave. I have one thing to say . . . Board of Supervisors . . . Do Your Job! Give the employees of San Bernardino County someone they can respect and look up to,” said retired Ontario teacher Judy Jacobs.

Lamberto was arrested in March of this year for soliciting for prostitution an undercover law enforcement officer. Lamberto properly reported the arrest and subsequent conviction to Devereaux. Devereaux, in turn, decided to cover up the information rather than inform the members of the county’s board of supervisors. Lamberto not only serves as human resources director, but also as an executive administrator who acts and speaks on behalf of the board of supervisors.

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4 thoughts on “SEIU Local 721 protests SBCo.’s inaction; SBCo. attempts new spin

  1. LMAO some folks will never learn to use everything going on to their advantage.

    Paul Chabot is a sorry excuse for a spokesman and his little incident with the Marijuanna Nurse a couple years ago where the nurse beat him both in civil and criminal court without a lawyer puts him WAY at the back of the bus.

    He used what little juice he had to get SBSD and the DA to file the criminal case against the nurse.

    Chabot’s general statement about county corruption is beyond laughable.

    Wearts comments about the union trying to get money from the taxpayers is also laughable. True but laughable cause Wearts bosses have paid out millions because of stupid.

    Weart how much has McMahon and Ramos cost taxpayers?

    These clowns who jump up and shout have no idea what’s going on in the big picture. Chabot really adds to the circus with his selective ACTING.

    Just hilarious!

  2. Well Kenny, since you are close to the other side, maybe you can help solve a mystery. I first met Paul back when he was running for the seat that Tim Donnelly won. I believe that was about 6 years ago. I always liked Paul although I totally disagree with him on the marijuana issue. I’ve also tried to recruit him for the BOS because I think he would be a much better fit. So, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t share the feelings about Paul that are expressed on Jim’s blog.

    When I was contacted by the PR firm about the SEIU story, it was at a moment when I was up to my eyeballs and really didn’t have time to do a lot of research. It wasn’t until after I wrote the story that someone whom I had forwarded the press release to pointed out to me that it was Lou Desmond’s firm handling the PR.

    Initially , I assumed that meant he was working for SEIU, which in and of itself is odd since from what I can tell he is a Rep. and Reps and unions don’t generally mix. But yesterday I found out he is actually working with Paul.

    Considering Neil Derry’s connection (and Jim Erwin’s) to Desmond, I found that particularly odd. I’m sure you know the story about how much those two hate Paul. It goes back to Paul being married to Derry’s former deputy chief of staff’s ex-wife, Brenda. And, the hundred and one other reasons y’all throw up every time Paul’s name is mentioned.

    So why the heck is Desmond helping Paul?

    It doesn’t make a difference to me. I can honestly say the person I dealt with at Desmond’s firm was very nice and very helpful. it would not have made a difference to me. I would have written the stories no matter what. Initially, I had noted a sense of familiarity from them, but I know a lot of SEIU people read the blog. Now, of course I know why and that is fine. It just all seems strange to me.

    How do you on one hand diss this guy every chance you get and on the other handle his PR?

  3. I didn’t know all that about Chabot.

    I focused on Chabot when he targeted the Marijuanna Nurse and Chabot got his head handed to him. I’d be embarrassed to take a whooping like that and the nurse did it all by himself in front of two separate juries.

    Second was his questionable resume related to SBSD as a reserve. His constant been there done that was just BS. That guy like many others with their general unspecific rhetoric has become ridiculous.

    He is a phony in my book and now he is talking about corruption in SB County.

    If Chabot’s soap box is going to be the CEO’s not telling the BOS about Lamberto as his THEME on County corruption he is a bigger idiot than I thought. REALLY?

    If Lou Desmond supports or thinks Chabot is a worthy candidate for whatever well what can I say about Lou? Obviously it’s about the money.

    Let me AGAIN say as to “close to the other side”. All these OTHER people I have been accused of close association with is as ridiculous as is many of the other baseless accusation I’ve dealt with.

    I spoke to Neil last year on the phone for about 5 minutes.

    I am simply not in their groove to be on the payroll!

  4. Let’s be real on all this Union BS we see across the country.

    As someone said earlier what ever pay raise the employees get, the union gets their cut to. Just look at the salary of those reps and it’s proof positive where the MOTIVE really lays.

    Union officials making 6 digits with perks and expense accounts and you all get to see a demonstration in front of the County building demanding the CEO’s termination?

    A wanna be politician riding his white horse?

    WOW that’s heavy.

    If the union wants to impress anyone let them take the corrupt one(s) into court and show everyone what they got.

    If all you have is a drum to beat, the corrupt one(s) are laughing at you.

    You all think the CEO is having sleepless nights over Paul Chabot? If Chabot was making $310k a year plus perks he wouldn’t be running for public office time and time again.

    Maybe local 721 can get a well known politician to stand in front of the County building?

    Paul Cook perhaps?

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