SBCo. opts for damage control in CFS scandal

San Bernardino County

On Friday, David Wert, Public Information Officer for the County Administrative Office for the County of San Bernardino, sent an email to members of the board of supervisors and county department heads with talking points to use in response to the Fox11 Los Angeles report on the Department of Children and Family Services (CFS).  Fox News aired a scathing report after a 3-month investigation by reporter Gina Silva.

Silva’s report contains numerous images of dead and abused children that whistleblowers say were victims of the system—a system without sufficient manpower to protect them combined with incompetent supervision and management.  In some instances cases loads are more than double that of case load standard, thus not allowing for adequate supervision.  In other instances social workers are simply not allowed to do what is necessary to protect children.

One whistleblower reported that social workers are being told to leave children in homes that are unsafe.  Because of it, children are dying.

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