Questioning the integrity of Colonies judge Michael Smith

Colonies Four

Please tell me that isn’t the latest attempt for dismissal.   Questioning the integrity of the judge hearing your case, in this case a very well respected, seasoned judge known for fairness, San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Michael S. Smith, seems like a losing proposition to me.

If Kenny is to be believed there is concern about Smith’s relationship with Jim Hackleman, another very highly regarded former prosecutor.  Duh, of course they know each other and are friends.

Hackleman was a fixture at the Central Courthouse for years before being promoted up the ranks.  He was known for his intelligence and integrity.

Hate to break it to you but the entire bench knows the entire defense bar and prosecutor’s office.  It’s sorta like cops hanging with their own.

Anyway, tomorrow is supposed to be the third, or is it the fourth?, sinking of the Titanic.  If we have courtroom tweeters tomorrow, I will be retweeting.  You can follow along at the bottom right.  Although I just now heard that Nelson will not be there so don’t expect too much.

9 thoughts on “Questioning the integrity of Colonies judge Michael Smith

  1. When you talked about being believed is it like when you and the cheerleaders posted up I was on Burums payroll?

    Then when Neil Derry came forth with his story on the civil issues the same accusations come forth he to was on the payroll.

    Not one comment but multiple?

    Don’t start posting stupid shit up simply because I said two people are friends and it’s common knowledge!

  2. It will be the 3rd attempt at sinking the Titanic.

    Of course the FBI leaving the case and the dismissal of conspiracy charges were some pretty good shots that doesn’t help your present situation.

    Just saying!

    BTW you weren’t alarmed when those 3 Judges in the civil case integrity were clearly SLAMMED now your suggesting with what proof Judge Smiths integrity is being questioned?

    False narratives are not good!

  3. Mike Ramos cheerleaders have blatantly attacked the integrity of several judges who issued rulings they didn’t like. However, when the defendants voice a concern about one judges prior relationship with a prosecutor, it becomes an outrageous accusation.

    This seems like another in a long line of double standards by Mike Ramos supporters.

    • There is one big difference. Ramos cheerleaders are not sitting in these courtrooms with long prison sentences hanging over their heads. They are making the accusations about judges who will never hold their futures in their hands

      The Colonies Four have every right to question Judge Smith’s integrity. What I’m suggesting is that it is not among the smartest of legal ploys without some serious evidence to back it up–the kind of evidence that could get Smith removed from the bench. I suspect they have little.

    • And I might add, at the end of the day all these attorneys and judges will face one another again on other cases. Memory can be a long thing as can loyalty to one’s brothers in the bench. This is a concept that I know Larson understands. I suspect it does not overjoy him when other members of the team suggest and leak such strategy.

      • NO leak in anything. I don’t need Larson or anyone else to show me or tell me about conflicts.

        I don’t know where you ever got the idea Larson is calling all the shots in everything that goes on. Oh you had lunch with him so you know Larson. Sorry forgot.

        YOU do NOT have the motions or emails do you? If your connected with the prosecution then you would have them.

        Since you don’t, then your theory is what in all this?

        When your FRIEND is involved in anything that YOU might have to decide on, its a BITCH at the end of the day most likely for YOU the decision maker.

        Been there done that more than once, and you?

        The Judge can make whatever decision he wants. He is the one who has to be comfortable with it if it goes beyond his decision, that simple.

        Really don’t call foul on a conflict because you might upset the system? LMAO!

        Yes I’ve heard the comments from lawyers on their, I have to work with these people everyday! And SO?

        If it’s to much of a problem for your lawyer then I guess he or she needs to step away or get fired.

        We seen countless times how the brothers have thrown each other under the bus.

        Your point. Because if this is a reality defense I hope to see your words written down in some official documents or appeal in the future.

        I’ll refer back to what OoF just said.

  4. Kenny, I am not going to begin to try to respond to all of this because it’s just a lot of BS to me. I would like to point out one thing. There was a time Erwin and I were friends. I know his MO well. He plants the seeds to get others to do his dirty work for him. He’s not allowed to comment or write directly so he gets others to do it. Not only that he has all kinds of legal opinions on how this case should go. The problem is they are of his own making and not from the defense team.

    I can just picture the conversation between the two of you as you were concocting the Judge Smith is a crook motion. Did either one of you role play the part of defense counsel cross-examining Hackleman? You see, been there, done that many times over. As Larson told me, having Erwin as part of things makes it interesting. (Trust me, that was not a compliment.)

  5. An intelligent person must ask why a change of venue of Superior Courts (County) isn’t appropriate in this matter? I see a conflict of interest with the county paying benefits of $20,000 per year to the judges on the bench, and the friendship issues with the prosecution, defense and judicial players.

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